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NASCAR 167 43 2010 Formula One race winners 11923184 Jenson Button, two wins Jenson+Button%2C+two+wins NASCAR

The 30-year-old McLaren-Mercedes driver won 2010’s second race, the Australian Grand Prix, and followed that up with a victory in the Chinese Grand Prix.

Clive Mason - Getty Images
NASCAR 167 43 2010 Formula One race winners 11923063 Lewis Hamilton, three wins Lewis+Hamilton%2C+three+wins NASCAR

The McLaren-Mercedes driver enjoyed his share of podium finishes in 2010, but didn’t win until the year’s seventh race. He took his first 2010 victory in the Turkish Grand Prix, followed by the Canadian Grand Prix and Belgian Grand Prix.

Paul Gilham - Getty Images
NASCAR 167 43 2010 Formula One race winners 11923163 Mark Webber, four wins Mark+Webber%2C+four+wins NASCAR

Webber, 34, and his Red Bull team enjoyed podium finishes on a regular basis in 2010. He gained his opening victory of the season in the Spanish Grand Prix, followed by the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, the British Grand Prix and the Hungarian Grand Prix. His victories, along with those of teammate Vettel, helped Red Bull secure the constructor's championship.

Paul Gilham - Getty Images
NASCAR 167 43 2010 Formula One race winners 11923183 Fernando Alonso, five wins Fernando+Alonso%2C+five+wins NASCAR

Like Vettel, the 29-year-old Ferrari driver had five victories to his credit, but not enough overall points to win the F1 championship. He opened his season with a win in the Bahrain Grand Prix, followed by the German Grand Prix, a popular home win for Ferrari in the Italian Grand Prix, a night win at Singapore and the Korean Grand Prix.

Mark Thompson - Getty Images
NASCAR 167 43 2010 Formula One race winners 11923064 Sebastian Vettel, five wins Sebastian+Vettel%2C+five+wins NASCAR

The Red Bull driver needed five wins to secure his place as world champion in 2010. The 23-year-old, who became the youngest champion in F1 history, took wins in the Malaysian Grand Prix, the European Grand Prix, the Japanese Grand Prix, the Brazilian Grand Prix and the finale at Abu Dhabi.

Andrew Hone - Getty Images
NASCAR 167 43 2010 Formula One race winners 11923065 Top gear Top+gear NASCAR

The 2010 Formula One season showcased a stunning display by Mark Webber early, then Fernando Alonso and finally Sebastian Vettel who have shared 14 wins and maintained the top spots in the standings for much of the season.

Alonso hit his stride late in the season, taking over the points lead, but it was Vettel who stunned the field by winning both the final race and the title.

Others challenged their dominance as well, with five drivers earning victories in the series this season.

Here’s a look at the Formula One race winners in 2010:

Paul Gilham - Getty Images
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