Little Yankees fan joins cute club

Little Yankees fan (18 months old!) recites all-time retired numbers, joins cute all-time sports kids gone viral.

The New York Yankees have retired more numbers than any other team in baseball — 15 of them, including one for two players (the No. 8 of catchers Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra). And even some of the most diehard Bombers fans might not be able to name all of them offhand.

But that’s not a problem for one 18-month-old girl, appropriately named CC, who rattled off the names of all the retired Yankees, from Billy Martin to Ron Guidry, and then some:

CC needed help with a few of the names, which seems fair, given that the most recent Yankee to have his number retired — Guidry, whose 49 was immortalized in 2003 — last played in 1988, or about a quarter century before little CC was born.

But her rapid-fire recollection of Yankees was reminiscent this NASCAR whiz kid, and certainly enough to join the growing club of kids-turned-viral-stars — showing off an arrays of skills.

Let's break 'em down . . .


Back in February we were introduced to mini Don Cherry in Winnipeg (which brought back memories of 2010’s classic Lil' Ron Washington).

That said, quite possible our favorite athlete imitator came from Packer-land, inspired by star linebacker Clay Matthews …

Then again, can anyone beat the rapping lil' Kaepernick? Highly unlikely.




When it comes to crying kids, who could forget this young San Jose Sharks fan, who didn’t take it well when the team traded Ryan Clowe to New York. Or the distraught Eagles fan who really, really doesn't like Tom Brady:

But is that little fella sweeter than the poor Vikings fan who just couldn't stand a loss to the hated Packers?




Proving you don't have to be a grown-up (or a male) to be a football star. Just ask 3-year-old Grace Tautner, obviously the NFL's next scouting combine superstar (get on-board now, Kiper). Or 9-year-old Sam Gordon, who was all cute playing football with the boys until she started running roughshod all over them (actually, she's most definitely still cute).

And then there’s 2-year-old basketball prodigy Titus, whose hoop skills got him on Jimmy Kimmel:




These kids may not be able to get in the game, but they know what it's all about. Meet then 9-year-old Jack Meyer, better known as the "good job, good effort" kid. And especially enjoy the child who became a man right before our eyes . . .

The lesson in all this? CC is a great Yankees fan in the making, and for as long as there are computers there will never be a shortage of internet clips of kids doing amazing, hilarious or heartbreaking things for our amusement.

Or parents who brainwash their children for their amusement.

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