Why zombie apocalypse should help Biggio's case for Cooperstown

Famously, Craig Biggio saved us all from the zombie appocalypse of 2010. That and his 3000 hits should get him into the Hall of Fame.

Craig Biggio is a hero on and off the baseball diamond.

Ron Vesely / Getty Images North America

In a last-ditch attempt to eclipse the 75 percent mark (the percentage of votes needed by an eligible player to get inducted into the Hall of Fame) and earn a spot in the hallowed grounds of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, a Craig Biggio supporter has crafted a compelling argument for the former ball player through a seven-minute video. 

In it, we learn of Biggio's amazing feats off the baseball diamond.

For instance, Biggio once rescued a woman buried under the rubble of her collapsed house; he stood outside the window of a nightmare-prone child to ward off the terrors of the night; and single-handedly fought off the zombie apocalypse of 2010. 

If this is coming as a shock to you, have a look for yourself.


Though the video was posted on YouTube by a guy named Lloyd Richey, I am quite certain this is the work of Craig Biggio's cousin and videographer, Dave Biggio. 

We'll never know for sure, but it's a nice push for the seven-time All-Star who has 3,060 hits and 414 stolen bases to his name.

This year's class of inductees will be announced on Wednesday, January 8. If you are looking to have your voice heard, head on over to our fan vote page and vote for yourself. We even included Pete Rose! 


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