Will Venable’s game-saving catch

Will Venable is not somebody who you expected to hear being
compared to Ozzie Smith, but the play he pulled off to save the
Padres in the 12th inning of Monday night’s victory over the Giants
is incredible enough to make the Wizard of Oz blush.

This catch is as do-or-die as they come: if Venable doesn’t rob
Juan Perez right here, the game is over. Instead, the Padres live
to fight another inning, and San Diego ends up scoring two runs in
the top of the 13th to clinch victory in San Francisco.

In terms of the greatest plays in Padres history, only
Ozzie’s barehand snag has Venable’s dive beat.
Out of the catches that you will see this year around the MLB?
There might be mothing more impressive than this.