Cubs' curse rains on Pearl Jam

The Chicago Cubs curse rained on Friday's Pearl Jam concert at Wrigley Field.

Maybe it's Wrigley Field that's cursed and not the Chicago Cubs. ... Wait, who are we kidding?!?!

But on Friday night, it was the Friendly Confines that had to be cleared during a Pearl Jam concert ... thanks to Mother Nature.

Pearl Jam played seven songs before lead singer Eddie Vedder told the crowd they were going to take a break because of bad weather heading their way just before 9 p.m. CT. Vedder, a diehard Cubs fans who grew up in the suburb of Evantson, said it would be about a half hour.

Fans were cleared from the field into sheltered areas and some left the ballpark. Turns out the rain caused a delay of close to three hours.


As soon as the delay began, "Chicago," "Pearl Jam" and "Wrigley Field" started trending on Twitter. By the way, are you aware of the name of Pearl Jam's new album?




We're not sure if Kerry Wood was really there, but @ChickPhilA was accused of looking for him and Andre Dawson.




Then there still was the true Cubs fan thinking about the possible Matt Garza trade.


Shortly before 11 p.m. CT, Pearl Jam's official Twitter account said they were waiting for a second cell of rain and that they intended to provide fans with a full show.



The delay was a long one, but we're guessing it sure beat watching the Cubs?




When Pearl Jam did restart, they brought out a special guest.



This tweeter posted a great idea for when the band returned to the stage.


Before the concert, there was this tweet from this famous someone.


Here's a picture of the famous film director and producer Apatow with Banks and Vedder.


And of course Vedder performed the song he wrote about the Cubs, titled "All the Way."


Oh, Kerry Wood was there. So was Dennis Rodman.


This is a pretty cool time lapse of a live painting outside Wrigley well before the show.

Here's a look at how the show ended at 2 a.m. Central.

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