A’s will add seats if they make ALCS

Oakland A’s fans who were left out in the cold by the team’s refusal to remove the tarps covering the upper deck at Oakland Coliseum won a small victory Thursday when it was announced the tarps will be removed if the A’s advance to the American League Championship Series.

The team faced heavy criticism when it said the tarps would remain in place for the AL Division Series against the Detroit Tigers. Fans held rallies and used social media sites to complain, but the A’s held their ground.

Removing the tarps will make 11,698 additional seats available if the A’s advance by winning Thursday’s Game 5 against the Tigers, bringing the capacity at the ballpark to 47,505. Seats will be priced at $55.

All three home games against Detroit have been sellouts.

“This has been a sensational year for the Athletics and for our fans,” Lew Wolff, owner and managing partner of the team, said in a statement. “We are thrilled with the tremendous outpouring of fan support.”

Because of poor fan support, the A’s have kept their top deck covered since 2005. They ranked 27th out of 30 teams in home attendance this season, with a total of 1.67 million.