A-Rod gets plunked in rehab game

People enjoy watching Alex Rodriguez get hit with stray fastballs. We’ll not explore the reasons that might be, but it does seem to be a shared experience for many many Americans.

You would think that experience would not be shared by those close to the pitcher, who in throwing a beanball has damaged either his statistical rating or his personal reputation.

But there is one lady whose disgust for Rodriguez transcends family.

That lady is Marilyn Meyers, grandmother of Cody Scarpetta, a right-handed pitcher for the Brevard County (Fla.) Manatees, who on Sunday plunked A-Rod in his surgically repaired left hip. Scarpetta didn’t mean it, he said, it just slipped. And that was fine with Meyers.

“I think (A-Rod) thinks he’s kind of a hotshot,” Meyers told the New York Daily News. “I don’t care for his personality. He just thinks he’s better than the other boys.”

Rodriguez, playing A ball on his rehab assignment, showed reporters the bruise on his hip from Scarpetta’s wild pitch, but he wouldn’t let them take pictures of it. A man’s gotta keep his dignity.

Statistically, however, it was one of A-Rod’s most successful plate appearances in his stint for the Class A Tampa Yankees. In 10 appearances over four games, he has one hit.

Still, Scarpetta was excited to face Rodriguez and he already had two on base when he says his fastball got away from him.

“I was really trying to throw it for a strike and it just went the other way," Scarpetta told the Daily News. “It was the last thing I was trying to do because that loaded the bases, but it definitely slipped."