Mariano delivers — pizza — in clutch

In addition to being the most productive — and most feared
— closer in the history of baseball, Yankees ninth-inning man
Mariano Rivera has always been one of the game’s class

So it’s no surprise that he’s going out with grace
in his final season in the bigs. As the 43-year-old embarks on his
farewell tour in his final season in pinstripes, Rivera is making a
point to stop during his final series in each enemy ballpark and
meet unsung heroes who work behind the scenes
for each team.

His latest drop-in came this week in Oakland, where Rivera
surprised Julie Vasconcellos with a pizza for
lunch. Vasconcellos has worked in the Athletics’ mail room for 25
years — and has a photo of the closer above her desk.



It was a small gesture, but one that was obviously meaningful
for Vasconcellos, and it serves as further proof that, while it may
be easy to hate the New York Yankees, it’s awfully tough to
dislike Mariano Rivera.