Brawny fan can't open bottle of water

Fan at Mets game looked like he'd never lost a fight in his life ... til he faced a mean bottle of Aquafina.

New Yorkers have a reputation for being tough, and one fan at Saturday's Mets game at Citi Field looked big and bad enough to kill a rock and put a brick in the hospital.

That is, until he tried to open a bottle of water.

Once the cameras caught him, it was must-see TV. David Wright could've been having an 18-pitch at-bat against Mariano Rivera, and the announcers wouldn't have been able to turn away from the epic struggle in the stands. Just watch:

Dude, that's the weakest left-hander since Frank Tanana. I'd tell him to get on the juice, but, well ... Let's just say if they wanna keep kids off PEDs, just show them this.

H/T: For The Win

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