Manny’s still being Manny in Taiwan

Manny Ramirez dressed up as the Incredible Hulk for a train ride between cities with the EDA Rhinos, the Taiwanese team he is currently playing for. If this surprises you, you obviously don’t know much about Manny.

Unfortunately, the slugger didn’t rock the costume on his own accord — the Rhinos’ manager (who must be a big Joe Maddon fan) organized a team-wide Halloween theme for their most recent road trip. But still, it’s nice to see that even halfway around the world, Manny is still Manny.

As much of a distraction Man-Ram could be for his teammates during controversy, his fellow players usually seemed to take him with a grain of salt — almost quietly acknowledging that the sky does not look blue in his world.

As far the Twitter-verse, let’s face it: The people love them some Manny . . .


Judging from the response in this video, Ramirez seems to be enjoying life in Taiwanese baseball . . .


And of course, his first career HR (and slowwwww trot around the bases) in Taiwan’s pro league is already legendary . . .


A few more of these long blasts and it’s possible baseball fans in China will stop confusing Ramirez with Cincinnati starting pitcher Johnny Cueto. Here’s a sign from an earlier game where two fans mistake their new slugger with the Reds ace. 

Mandy Cheng / AFP

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