Dodgers' Van Slyke: Do workouts without social media proof count?

Scott Van Slyke has seen all the social media posts about workout videos, and he has a question.

Darin Wallentine / Getty Images

All offseason long, social media has been inundated with video clips and images of baseball players hitting the gym.

From insane box jumps and vertical leaps to strenuous workout routines, social media-savvy players love sharing their accomplishments to the masses.

Enter Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Scott Van Slyke, who took to Twitter recently to ask if a workout really counts without a corresponding Instagram post or a tweet. It's basically his version of "If a tree falls in the forest ..."

Van Slyke's teammate Joc Pederson offered up his own answer: 

In today's Internet culture of "oversharing," Van Slyke's query is definitely something worth considering. 

While his peers continue proving they engaged in gym activities these past few months, Van Slyke seems to have devoted his attention to more scholarly pursuits ...

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