Recap of Wednesday's live chat with Rob Neyer

Rob Neyer is back to talk baseball and whatever else.

This guy's excited about the Braves' moves.

Pouya Dianat/Atlanta Braves / Getty Images North America

And the first post non-waiver trade deadline chat is here. You've waited patiently while your team traded away its star pitchers, or traded for another team's star pitchers, or traded for a couple nice little pieces, or sat on its laurels and did nothing at all. 

For fans of those teams, we'd like to say "congratulations," and "we're sorry," and "better luck next year," and "meh."

Feel free to rehash the last week's wackiness with Rob, or you could just talk about the Coen Brothers. Whatever you decide to talk about, just type it in the chat window below, then stop by and join Rob for another installment of his rousing chats. 

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