Nieuwenhuis pulls off sly photobomb

There’s a certain art to photobombing a live television


The photobomber wants to be seen, of course, but also wants to

be subtle enough so as to not be obnoxious. He wants to be funny,

but not stupid. Chris Bosh


target="_blank">knows how it’s done. So does the


target="_blank">Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team. And


target="_blank">Nick Saban.

Now you can add New York Mets outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis to

that illustrious list, too.

Technically, it was Nieuwenhuis, David Aardsma and LaTroy

Hawkins who all put on a show behind Jeremy Hefner while Hefner was

being interviewed by SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt on Tuesday night.

But Nieuwenhuis’ goofy-faced,

target="_blank">Bosh-esque submarine approach to the photobomb

was executed to perfection and deserves to be recognized.

Here’s a gif of the epic interruption,


target="_blank">via SB Nation:


width="560" />

Well done, Mr. Nieuwenhuis. Well done.