Rocker defends A-Rod on Reddit

John Rocker takes to Reddit and defends Alex Rodriguez

A Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) is basically a digital version of the dunk tanks you see at the county fair. An influential or well-known person sits on the ledge and strangers hurl things in his general direction until he’s totally engulfed.

Well, John Rocker sat on that digital ledge today, and man oh man did he get drenched. (H/T to SB Nation for scouring it for gems).

You’ll recall that in a 1999 Sports Illustrated profile , Rocker, then a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, insulted the entire city of New York in a variety of blockheaded ways, turning him into one of the most famous heels in Major League Baseball history and probably shortening his career.

Rocker, once one of the game’s best closers, was out of baseball by age 28.

Fourteen years after he became a household name as a villain, Rocker still hasn’t stepped out of character.

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