Minor league team scuttles gun raffle

Athletes and guns have been a poisonous mix. It only took a few
days for the Huntsville Stars to realize that.

Now, the minor league team — a Double A affiliate of the
Milwaukee Brewers — that is playing host to a “2nd Amendment
Night,” which was to feature the raffling of three rifles, has
called off that portion of the evening.

According to Stars’ general manager Buck Rogers, “It’s in the
best interest of baseball.”

Minor league baseball and the Southern League
make the decision

Rogers told Al.com the news was blown out of proportion, that
“once the news gets out of market, it gets like that telephone
game” where things are exaggerated.

It’s a 180-degree spin from Rogers’ comments of last week.

Rogers told Al.com several organizations routinely raffle off

“And since everybody’s buying guns hand over fist and Larry’s
Pistol and Pawn wants to get involved in some sponsorships and they
had a line out there a mile long (to buy guns)…” Rogers said.
“We’re having a Second Amendment night to talk about things anyway.
It’s an educational night. No guns coming to the game. Nobody is
giving away guns.”

Rogers continued by explaining the organization’s rationale
behind the event.

“One of the hot-button issues right now is the Second Amendment
that everybody’s running from,” he said. “We’re not touching base
on First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, abortion or any of that type
of stuff. A lot of stuff makes people uncomfortable.

“Maybe it’s time Americans basically said, ‘Hey, what’s going
on? What’s wrong with this?’ Day in and day out, people’s rights
are being taken away. The government is spying. We’ve got phone
companies selling our information — the whole nine

Originally, the Stars’ main point was to to make it perfectly
they weren’t giving away guns at their July 3
game in Alabama.

You had the chance to win the raffle, the team said, and then
receive a certificate to take to Larry’s Pistol and Pawn to pick up
your weapon.

If you are an NRA member, you are in luck as your membership
card gets you free admission to the game. The Stars said the night
would be filled with patriotism, fun, food and firepower.

Throw in a little gunpowder and it made the perfect combination
of promos if you mixed it with the promotion
for a free funeral being offered by the Lehigh
Valley Ironpigs, the Philadelphia Philles’ Triple-A affiliate