Hot Stove primer: National League offseason previews

The 2015 baseball season is officially over. Every single National League team has been eliminated. Including your favorite.

So while you’re busy staring longingly out a window waiting for Opening Day 2016, here’s a little something to keep you focused on what your team needs to do before then in order to have the best season possible.

Our National League previews are below; our American League team previews are here.


Atlanta Braves — offseason preview

Miami Marlins — offseason preview

New York Mets — offseason preview

Philadelphia Phillies — offseason preview

Washington Nationals — offseason preview


Chicago Cubs — offseason preview

Cincinnati Reds — offseason preview

Milwaukee Brewers — offseason preview

Pittsburgh Pirates — offseason preview

St. Louis Cardinals — offseason preview


Arizona Diamondbacks — offseason preview

Colorado Rockies — offseason preview

Los Angeles Dodgers — offseason preview

San Diego Padres — offseason preview

San Francisco Giants — offseason preview

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