The Daily Buzz: Wednesday, July 3

Tuesday wasn’t just a busy day in sports, it was also a
historic one.

That, of course, is because, in Cincinnati, Homer Bailey
the San Francisco Giants
just nine months after no-hitting the
Pirates in Pittsburgh,
making him just the sixth pitcher in MLB
history to be responsible for the league’s two most recent

called out Scott Boras
(or “Boris,” as Hova put it)
in a new track, Nate Dogg’s son
verbally committed to Arizona, Dwight Howard,
who is
likely mulling Slim Thug’s sell job
on Houston,
heard the Mavs’ and Lakers’ recruiting pitches
Meyer snitched
on his old school.

As for the rest of the news…

• Speaking of Meyer, he has
refused to discuss Aaron Hernandez with
reporters, but he was more than happy to
talk some Tebow when given the chance.

• And speaking of Tebow, he
had ties
to Hernandez’ 2007 bar fight in Gainesville.

• And speaking of Hernandez, his cousin’s husband,
whom investigators wanted to interview,
died in a one-car crash.

• Hey Robert Gill, Chad Johnson can run fast on a
treadmill, too:

• Rae Carruth’s attorney believes that Aaron Hernandez’s
may have already cut a deal with

• Kevin Durant wants fans to know that signing with Jay-Z
in no way means he plans to
leave the Oklahoma City Thunder.

• Andre Iguodala reacts to the news that his four-year,
$56 million offer from the Sacramento Kings
has been taken off the table:





• Of course, you want to go to Jay Cutler and Kristin
’80s-themed dance party.

• This Will-Ferrell-as-Harry-Caray/Lumineers remix of
‘Ho Hey’ is the reason the internet was invented:

• Shaquille O’Neal has plans to
build a
children’s hospital
in Baton Rouge.

• For all you video game fans, NBA 2K14 will
feature 14 top Euroleague teams.

• One Wimbledon women’s semifinalist
is allergic to grass.

• Hey, Miguel Montero… why don’t you and your bat
get a room?

• The Sun-Sentinel gives us a gallery of the
world’s most photogenic athletes.

• The Minnesota Twins bid Mariano Rivera farewell with a
chair made of broken bats.

• Dennis Rodman
he should be considered
for a Nobel peace prize. We’ll get back
to you on that one, Worm.

• Astros fan tries, fails to catch foul ball:

• The Astros’ No. 1 overall pick
will make his professional debut Friday with
the Class-A Tri-City ValleyCats.

• Georgia kicker Marshall Morgan was
charged with boating under the influence.

• Aptly-named golfer Kris Blanks was
arrested at a Florida airport for having a gun
in his carry-on.

• Mike Ribeiro will be a free agent this offseason after
not getting a contract extension from the Washington Capitals, and
his wife — whose Twitter account
has since
been deleted
— was not happy about it:

• Josh Hamilton is chewing tobacco again. He’s also
in the midst of a solid hitting-streak.

• An MLB umpire was let go after
reportedly violating the league’s drug

• Seems J.J. Redick’s agent hammered out the details
of Redick’s new deal just in time:



• The Indiana Pacers will be
testing out sleeved jerseys at next week’s
summer league.

• Homer Bailey’s post-game interview following his
no-hitter Tuesday included an NSFW F-bomb:

• Incidentally, the no-no may have been Bailey’s
second of his career, but he wasn’t the big winner Tuesday



• A retired boxer
is in critical condition following a
trampoline accident.

• The NCAA
down a one-game suspension
to Baylor women’s hoops coach Kim

• Louisville football coach Charlie Strong
wants agents to back off when it comes to his

• Floyd Mayweather has bling:

• Could former Auburn running back Michael Dyer
play for Bobby Petrino at Western

• The Phoenix Coyotes
likely avoided relocation as the city council
in Glendale passed a new 15-year arena lease.

• A lawsuit alleges that ex-Mets pitcher John Franco
threw a baseball at a female real estate agent
over the sale of his Staten Island estate.

• Actually, Rick Fox, that’s probably not what they
Lakers have in mind:



• Jonathan Papelbon says Yasiel Puig making the All-Star
would be a “joke.”

• Colton Paulhus, a former Colorado State lineman who was
expelled in 2012 for the beating of a fellow student,
has landed at Utah.

• Milton Bradley was
sentenced to 32 months in prison following a
conviction for spousal abuse.

• And finally, according to the Lingerie Football League,
this somewhat NSFW clip is the “greatest hit in the history
of football” (and who are we to argue?):