Who let the bear in?

Fan in bear costume pumps up crowd at Dodger Stadium during NLCS Game 3

Does the NRA know about this? The Los Angeles Dodgers have violated one enthusiastic fan’s right to bear arms. Take a look:

Yeah, not only bear arms, but bear legs, bear head — the whole bear look.

Here's another angle.

Whoever the guy or gal in the bear costume was, he/she danced on top of the St. Louis Cardinals dugout briefly during Game 3 of the National League Championship Series on Monday night before being escorted off by Dodger Stadium security. So, yeah, it’s safe to say that, though he was more limber than the average bear, this was no official Dodgers bear.

You might question what a bear has to do with the Dodgers anyway, but we would remind you that a gorilla has just about as much to do with the Phoenix Suns.

Plus, there is this: The Dodgers won Game 3. If they fall behind in Game 4 without a bear sighting, the fans may be clamoring for the spirited costume crusader to return.

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