Did Puig drop an F-bomb on media?

Did Yasiel Puig curse out the media before Dodgers-Marlins game?

Yasiel Puig. No stranger to good headlines or bad. And Monday, all the attention may have gotten to him.

During a conversation with journalists before the Dodgers' game against the Marlins in Miami, Puig allegedly made a profane jab aimed at reporters. The problem? No one in the room could tell if he was joking, or if the Dodgers slugger really does have serious beef against the media.

See what some present had to say about the incident and judge for yourself:

Reporters also noted the difficulty for the English-speaking media to properly assess the comment:

We likely won't discover the truth behind Puig's outburst until after tonight's game, if at all. Perhaps everyone just caught Puig in the middle of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and he had to vent. We're all guilty of it — and sometimes, a little "flowery language" helps get all that frustration out.

So, to any locker room reporters feeling scorned by Puig's 'tude: I'm sure he didn't mean it. And if he did? Consider Puig's words a friendly warning to not ask him any more questions about LeBron James.

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