Jeter sets record for most games at SS for 1 team

Derek Jeter has set a major league record for the most games played at shortstop for one team.

Jeter played in his 2,303rd game at shortstop for the New York Yankees on Saturday night at Texas. It was his 2,324th career game overall since his major league debut in 1995.

Cal Ripken Jr. played in 2,302 games at shortstop during 21 seasons for Baltimore.

Only three players have played more games at shortstop than Jeter and Ripken, all playing for multiple teams.

Omar Vizquel of the Chicago White Sox, his fifth team, has played in a record 2,692 games at shortstop. Luis Aparicio appeared in 2,583 games at shortstop for three teams and Ozzie Smith played 2,511 games at shortstop for San Diego and St. Louis.