Chat wrap: Ken Rosenthal talks All-Star vote

Ken Rosenthal All-Star Chat (07/06/2009) 

Good day, everyone. We’ll start taking All-Star questions for Ken Rosenthal now.
And remember to watch the All-Star Game on FOX on July 14 at 8 p.m. ET.

2:33 Ken Rosenthal:  Hey, everyone, sorry for the delay. Ready
to go!
2:34 Ken Rosenthal:  To Christian, Bartlett is having a better
year, but Jeter is playing very well.
2:35 [Comment From kenny ]
Do you belive Ryan Howard should be an all star?
2:35 Ken Rosenthal:  Well, he’s fourth out of those four. And they
shouldn’t have four. But he’s from St. Louis, and Charlie Manuel is the manager!
2:35 [Comment From Derlin ]
why do they alway pick red sox player and the yankee player not other team?
2:36 Ken Rosenthal:  I did have an issue with Wakefield AND Beckett
and not Millwood. But c’mon, the Red Sox are the best team in baseball.
2:36 [Comment From Dan ]
When will MLB do something about obvious All-Stars getting overlooked?
2:36 Ken Rosenthal:  There are 33 on each team. How big do you
want the roster?
2:36 [Comment From oakmac34 ]
Why was Germaine Dye snubbed as a reserve for the all star game?
2:37 Ken Rosenthal:  Jermaine Dye was partly a victim of Josh Hamilton’s
election. I do feel he is deserving.
2:37  Complete AL/NL All-Star rosters
2:37 Ken Rosenthal:  Talking All-Star for now. Will get into trades,
etc. in a bit.
2:37 [Comment From Dave ]
For a while it looked like Manny was going to be a starter in the All-Star game.
Are you surprised that support for him diminished as we got closer to the deadline?
2:38 Ken Rosenthal:  Pleasantly surprised. He should not have been
2:38 [Comment From Antonio ]
Do you really think Mark Teixeira earned the starting job as first baseball for
the AL squad?
2:38 Ken Rosenthal:  No problem with Tex. But I thought it was
rather telling that the players went for Morneau over Tex AND Youk. No east-coast
bias there!
2:38 [Comment From Carlos ]
How is it possible that Pedroia is starting over Hill & Kinsler?
2:39 Ken Rosenthal:  Listen, Pedroia probably ranks third among
that group in 09 performance. But he is the reigning MVP on a team with a massive
fan base. Not that shocking he was elected.
2:39 [Comment From Frank (Philly) ]
So who plays CF in the NL with Beltran out? There are NO other CF on the roster…
2:40 Ken Rosenthal:  Kemp will be one possibility if he wins the
Final Man vote. Upton has played some center. Pence can slide over there, too. How
about my man Juan Pierre?
2:40 [Comment From Jim C. ]
What would happen if an All-Star is traded before the game. Say Freddie Sanchez
to the Giants or Twins? Does he still go as a member of his new team?
2:41 Ken Rosenthal:  Good question. If Sanchez went to the AL,
it would create a problem. NL, he would just wear his new cap!
2:41 [Comment From mike ]
Is Adam Lind deserving of an All start spot?
2:41 Ken Rosenthal:  Yes, but Rolen is even more deserving.
2:41 [Comment From James ]
Who is the most deserving out of the “final vote” players in both leagues?
2:41 Ken Rosenthal:  Kinsler and Sandoval. Sandoval is the victim
of Howard making the team.
2:42 [Comment From Larry ]
Why would you have an issue with Wakefield 10-3 –he deserves it as well
Who do you think should start at 2B for the AL?
Dustin Pedroia
 ( 28% )

Aaron Hill

 ( 26% )

Ian Kinsler (if he makes it)

 ( 46% )

Who do you think should start at 2B for the AL?
Dustin Pedroia
 ( 28% )

Aaron Hill

 ( 26% )

Ian Kinsler (if he makes it)

 ( 46% )

2:42 Ken Rosenthal:  

I love Wake, I love the idea of giving him a lifetime achievement award, but his
ERA is, ahem, 4.30.

2:43 [Comment From Rob ]
Is there any chance Hamilton elects not to start the game?
2:43 Ken Rosenthal:  Always a chance. He is just getting activated
tonight. But I would think he would want to honor the fans’ wishes.
2:43 [Comment From Andrew ]
Should Scutaro be on the AL?
2:43 Ken Rosenthal:  No doubt Scutaro had a fantastic first half.
But picking him over Jeter and Bartlett? I don’t think so.
2:44 [Comment From Mike ]
Why do you think Rolen is more deserving? Lind’s power numbers are better nad his
Avg is also good
2:44 Ken Rosenthal:  Lind is a fine young player, but Rolen offers
offense, defense and leadership.
2:44 [Comment From Jimmy ]
Why isn’t Brian McCann starting. Who would you take McCann our Molina?
2:45 Ken Rosenthal:  Fans elected Molina. Players went with McCann.
Fan vote chooses starters. But yes, McCann is more deserving.
2:45 [Comment From LVGONZO ]
Do you think Tori Hunter should have been a starter?
2:45 Ken Rosenthal:  Yes. If you can quibble with the fans for
one thing, it’s Hamilton. But I understand – Hamilton is a great story, he has gotten
lots of pub. But Torii has had a GREAT first half.
2:46 [Comment From roger ]
What about Juan Pierre??? played so good since the abcense of Manny Ramirez..
2:46 Ken Rosenthal:  Read my recent column on him.
2:46 [Comment From Seattle fan ]
Why isn’t David Aardsma on the team I was shocked to find out he isn’t
2:47 Ken Rosenthal:  I wanted to see Aardsma on it, Branyan, too.
But Bailey is A’s rep, Fuentes is a lefty and Papelbon and Rivera are more accomplished.
2:47  Pujols carries the vote
2:47 [Comment From Ken ]
Too many redsox on the team…”Ken the yankee fan”!!
2:47 Ken Rosenthal:  

Red Sox fans say I’m a Yankee fan. Yankee fans say I’m a Red Sox fan.


2:47 [Comment From Sam ]
Who do you think will start Halladay or Greinke?
2:47 Ken Rosenthal:  I’m good with either. Grienke for sentimental
reasons, though. What a turnaround.
2:47 [Comment From James ]
If the All-Star games mean so much, why are there players from horrible teams that
don’t deserve to be there.
2:48 Ken Rosenthal:  Because each team must be represented.
2:48 [Comment From roger ]
who would you like to see start in the all star game for the NL?????
2:48 Ken Rosenthal:  Lincecum. More fun to watch than Haren.
2:48 [Comment From Lynn ]
I think that it is a total disgrace that Javier Vasquez did not make the all-star
team. He is one of the best pitchers in the National League. He is the whole package,
can throw it all. I think that the Braves were snubbed. What do you think?
2:49 Ken Rosenthal:  Vazquez was deserving, no doubt. Had him on
my team. But I can’t complain too much with the pitchers they chose. I know Marquis
has a relatively high ERA, but he has had a very good year.
2:49 [Comment From jeffery hensley ]
why didnt johnny cueto make the all-star team instead of jake peavy or johan santana?
johan has been struggling and cueto has a record thn peavy
Who should get the start for the NL
Chad Billingsley
 ( 11% )

Tim Lincecum

 ( 71% )

Johan Santana

 ( 8% )

Dan Haren

 ( 9% )

2:49 Ken Rosenthal:  Peavy did not make the team. Cueto is fourth
in the league with a 2.60 ERA. Yovani Gallardo is sixth at 2.75. And neither made
it! Both more deserving than Santana, but c’mon he’s Johan Santana.
2:50 [Comment From josh ]
why isnt russell branyan on the AL team?
2:50 Ken Rosenthal:  Because Youkilis, Teixeira and Morneau are.
2:50 [Comment From White sox fan Ben ]
I really feel that the fans should not get to vote for the all star team. The fact
that Hamilton is starting ,after playing only a handful of games is a joke . Kinsler
or millwood should have been the rangers rep. I also believe Justin Morneau should
be starting over Tex.
2:50 Ken Rosenthal:  Hey, it’s a popularity contest, for better
or worse.
2:51 [Comment From Guest ]
Chipper Jones, not even reserve?
2:51 [Comment From Al ]
Santana was great up until recently
2:51 Ken Rosenthal:  Pablo Sandoval deserves it even more than
2:51 [Comment From Tony ]
How close was Nick Blackburn in consideration for a spot?
2:52 Ken Rosenthal:  I don’t know how close, but he has been fantastic
2:52 [Comment From Guest ]
Can you rank the AL second basemen?
2:52 Ken Rosenthal:  Personal preference: Hill, Kinsler, Pedroia,
2:52 [Comment From Brett ]
where does busch stadium rank for best major league ballpark in your opinion??
2:52 [Comment From Trevor ]
Make the Kung Fu Panda an ALL STAR!!!!!
2:52 Ken Rosenthal:  Middle of the pack. OK, but nothing special.
2:52 [Comment From Rob ]
Vote Figgins! But, really, how deserving is Figgins?
2:53 Ken Rosenthal:  I love Figgins. Granted, Kinsler deserves
to win the Final Man Vote, but Figgins’ versatility would make him a weapon in an
NL park.
2:53 [Comment From Michael ]
Hunter Pence over Matt Kemp seems like a grave oversight.
2:53 Ken Rosenthal:  Hunter Pence had a big first half.
2:53 [Comment From Sam ]
Would Adam Lind have made it as a reserve, if Hamilton didn’t make it?
Who’s better, Matt Kemp or Hunter Pence?
 ( 68% )


 ( 32% )

2:54 Ken Rosenthal:  

Difficult to say. There are a lot of ways they could have gone.

2:54 Ken Rosenthal:  Anyone out there think Adam Dunn should be
the Nats’ rep instead of Zimmerman? I do!
2:54 [Comment From jeffery ]
why didnt brandon phillips or jay bruce make the all-star team? yes i am a huge
reds fan
2:54  Complete AL/NL All-Star rosters
2:55 Ken Rosenthal:  Jay Bruce batting average very low. Phillips
plays a position where there is a lot of talent.
2:55 Ken Rosenthal:  Oh, and by the way, wait until the late innings
when the defensively challenged Tejada is the substitute for Hanley…not good.
2:55 [Comment From Wockenfuss ]
Is the A.L. roster a little Rays heavy?
2:55 [Comment From Wockenfuss ]
Yes on Dunn.
2:55 [Comment From Dave ]
No, Zimmerman deserves it more
2:56 Ken Rosenthal:  Nah, I thought Zobrist, Crawford, Longoria
and Bartlett all were very deserving.
2:56 [Comment From Adam Dirks ]
How come no one is talking about Casey Blake? 12 homers and 51 RBIs. He carried
the team while Manny was out.
2:56 [Comment From Al ]
I would like to see Dunn in the HR Derby.
2:56 Ken Rosenthal:  Casey Blake is forever underrated – you’ve
got a point. But over Wright, Zimmerman and Sandoval? Not so sure.
2:56 [Comment From Chad ]
4 guys and they deserved it
2:57 [Comment From Nick ]
Netiher deserve it, neither does Lilly.
2:57 Ken Rosenthal:  He means neither Dunn nor Zim. Frankly, NO
Cub is deserving, and I like Lilly. There are more deserving guys.
2:57 [Comment From Todd ]
would you have considered Ryan Theriot as a possible reserve?
2:57 Ken Rosenthal:  I had him as my reserve and no Lilly.
2:57 [Comment From Landon ]
Ken, how important is defense in an all-star game anyways.
2:58 Ken Rosenthal:  Groundball up the middle with the score tied
in the ninth, home-field advantage at stake . . . Tejada wouldn’t be my first choice
in that situation.
2:58 [Comment From Guest ]
surprised hoffman did not make it?? ERA is under 2 with 18 saves
2:58 Ken Rosenthal:  Not surprised, but he certainly was deserving.
Too many good closers in NL.
2:58 [Comment From oakmac34 ]
zobrist? really?
2:58 Ken Rosenthal:  He is right up there among the AL leaders
in OPS.
2:58 [Comment From Wockenfuss ]
I’d like to see Dunn in a Detroit Tigers uniform !!!!!!
2:59 Ken Rosenthal:  I think the Tigers would, too!
2:59 [Comment From White sox fan Ben ]
Peter Gammons was on the radio saying that the world series home field should be
decided by both leagues win /loss record in interleague play instead of the all
star game I like that idea do you agree? Also is there any chance of Adam Dunn replacing
Beltran on the NL roster?
2:59 Ken Rosenthal:  I do agree with Peter, but MLB insists that
doing it that way is logistically impossible. I would assume Kemp and Victorino
would be the first two replacements for Beltran. They’re both on the final-man ballot.
3:00 [Comment From Rosenthals daddy ]
When is MLB going to realize that the masses are ignorant and democracy does not
work in baseball? Do you think they will at least change the format so that fan
vote is only a part of the criteria to choose the All-Stars?
3:00 Ken Rosenthal:  Dad, I told you not to get on this chat! Seriously,
I like the fan vote. For the most part, they get it right. Players disagreed on
only four of 16 positions.
3:00 [Comment From Tito ]
If there was one player you had to say the Red Sox would acquire at the deadline
who is it?
3:00 Ken Rosenthal:  The player they SHOULD acquire is Victor Martinez.
Would take Buchholz plus
3:00 [Comment From PLAZ ]
Which Sox reliver gets moved?
3:01 Ken Rosenthal:  None if they keep giving it up the way they
did last week!
3:01 [Comment From Manny Acta ]
Do you still think I’m gonna get fired?
3:01 Ken Rosenthal:  Manny, as I’ve told you in person, I believe
that story was accurate at the time it was written.
3:01 [Comment From Tim ]
Do you see the Brewers adding a pitcher
3:01 Ken Rosenthal:  They’re trying. They need one badly.
3:02 [Comment From Aaron ]
do you think inge should make the team
3:02 Ken Rosenthal:  Yes. I like Michael Young, but I would have
preferred Inge.
3:02 [Comment From DodgerBlue ]
Ken, why no mention of Ethier on the final-man ballot?
3:02 Ken Rosenthal:  Kemp AND Ethier? I assume you want Manny and
Pierre too!
3:02 [Comment From Shawn ]
Do you think Oquendo coaching the World Roster in the Future’s game is a sign of
things to come?
3:03 Ken Rosenthal:  He is definitely considered manager material.
3:03 [Comment From Kyle ]
Do you think the Phillies might start to look at a guy like Street, to sure up the
‘pen?? If you cant find a starter they have to do something, right??
3:03 Ken Rosenthal:  Excuse me, the Rockies are in contention.
Will the Rockies make the playoffs?
 ( 11% )


 ( 89% )

3:04 [Comment From Lets Go Mets ]
what moves do the Mets NEED to do?
3:05 Ken Rosenthal:  They should have gone harder after Hairston
for starters.
3:05 [Comment From Tigers 84 ]
Who do you think will be the biggest name traded before the deadline? Will the Tigers
do something before the deadline? They need Adam Dunn and Matt Capps.
3:05 Ken Rosenthal:  My guess is still Holliday. But Beane, as
we saw last night, is rather unpredictable.
3:05 [Comment From Andrew ]
over under …. 50 Signs About Manny on PEDs at the all star game?
3:05 Ken Rosenthal:  Way under.
3:05 [Comment From Phil ]
Who do the Cubs have on their radar trade wise and who do you think they will acquire
before the deadline?
3:06 Ken Rosenthal:  The Cubs have already spent $135 million.
They need their own players to perform better, specifically Soriano. Let’s not get
3:06 [Comment From Carlos ]
What player do you see the Braves going after in a trade?
3:07 Ken Rosenthal:  Not sure. Could use another OF, obviously
with Francoeur struggling. As I said on my Full Count video, they are NOT shopping
Escobar and trading Vazquez would be nuts.
3:07 Ken Rosenthal:  Well, I didn’t quite say it like that!
3:07 [Comment From brigham ]
do you think that Mark Reynolds should have been an allstar over ryan zimmerman?
3:07 Ken Rosenthal:  Yes, but Upton was the D-Backs’ rep, and that
team certainly does not deserve two!
3:07 Ken Rosenthal:  Reynolds is on final-man ballot.
3:08 [Comment From steve ]
is there any BLOCKBUSTER trade up boston’s sleeve this year?
3:08 Ken Rosenthal:  Wouldn’t shock me, especially if Lowell recovers
3:08 [Comment From sacramento ]
how underrated are the angels compared to the rest of baseball?
3:08 [Comment From Landon ]
Mark Reynolds strikes out far toooo much
3:08 Ken Rosenthal:  Right now, pretty underrated. They’re playing
well. Juan Rivera VERY underrated.
3:08 [Comment From Brett ]
Who do you think will catch for Wakefield; Mauer or Martinez?
3:08 Ken Rosenthal:  Mauer catches Dickey, a knuckleballer, with
the Twins.
3:08 [Comment From Chris ]
Do you think each team should be represented ?
3:09 Ken Rosenthal:  Yeah, grudgingly. As a kid, you always wanted
to see your team’s All-Star introduced, right?
3:09 [Comment From Bill ]
Where do you hear Pedro’s going?
3:09 Ken Rosenthal:  Nowhere if he doesn’t lower his price. Phillies
are going to scout him.
3:09 [Comment From Manny Acta ]
IF your source was wrong, you should reveal your source. Why hide behind anonymous
3:09 Ken Rosenthal:  I don’t think my source was wrong. I think
they changed their minds.
3:10 [Comment From Landon ]
Ken, what are your thoughts on Aroldis Chapman? Is the Hype deserved?
3:10 Ken Rosenthal:  Depends if he’s 21 or 26. He was awesome in
3:10 [Comment From Manny Ramirez ]
I am I still considered one of Baseballs greatest right handed hitter and I am I
hall of fame worhty
3:10 Ken Rosenthal:  Yes, and you violated MLB’s drug policy, Mr.
Female Fertility.
3:11 [Comment From Johnny Grubb ROCKS ! !! ]
How about Joel Zumaya and a prospect for Hank Blalock?
3:11 Ken Rosenthal:  Is your name Jon Daniels?
3:11 [Comment From Don ]
Broxton over Hoffman? Hoff has a lower ERA and come on, can you imagine Hells Bells
in an NL ballpark? The fans would go nuts.
3:11 Ken Rosenthal:  Broxton throws 100, or close to it. Trevor
. . . just a little less.
3:11 [Comment From James ]
Rockies aren’t in contention…Giants and Dodgers have them beat.
3:12 Ken Rosenthal:  OK, so they should just give up and give all
their players to the Yankees and Red Sox.
3:12 [Comment From Jason ]
If Ibanez is healthy enough to start, will Manuel play his own player in LF rather
than start Braun there?
3:13 Ken Rosenthal:  Good question. Neither is a RFer. I would
guess Ibanez in left, but that’s an interesting point, for sure.
3:13 [Comment From Donovan ]
Are the Cardinals still looking to add a bat in light of some of their regulars
STILL slumping mercifully?
3:13 Ken Rosenthal:  Yes, but their finances surely are limited.
They took on $3M with DeRosa.
3:13 [Comment From Guest ]
The O’s seem to be in an excellent position as a seller. Should they go for youth
or get players that could make them contenders next season
3:14 Ken Rosenthal:  Youth. Get as many young players as possible.
Baez, Sherrill, Huff, Scott – I would trade as many of ’em as possible.
3:14 [Comment From Joe ]
I think the Mariners should deal Bedard, Beltre and Wash, do you agree?
3:14 Ken Rosenthal:  Just went 5-4 on trip to Dodgers, Yankees
and Red Sox. Don’t know that they can win AL West but it’s awfully difficult for
them to give up right now.
3:14 Ken Rosenthal:  and Beltre is hurt
3:14 [Comment From Rob ]
Do the Angels make a move? Or do they sit pat like (almost) always?
3:15 Ken Rosenthal:  They’d like to get a reliever. They’re loaded
with young position talent. How about a blockbuster offer for Soria? That’s just
my thought, no one else’s.
3:15 [Comment From Ned Colletti ]
Ken, you’re a smart kid. What kind of moves should I make?
3:15 Ken Rosenthal:  Ned, I’m 46, you know that. You need a starter
AND a reliever. And you also know that!
3:15 [Comment From Adam Dirks ]
Will Derek Lee be moved?
3:16 Ken Rosenthal:  Are you serious?
3:16 [Comment From Chris ]
Who’s the best young catcher in the game ?
3:16 Ken Rosenthal:  Joe Mauer!
3:16 [Comment From Guest ]
Could we possibly see Freddy Sanchez on another team before the trade deadline?
3:17 Ken Rosenthal:  Yes, I think any and every Pirate is available.
Sanchez on the Giants would be perfect.
3:17 [Comment From Adam Dirks ]
Do the Cubs have a chance at aquiring Heath Bell?
3:17 Ken Rosenthal:  No, Heath Bell is not available.
3:18 [Comment From Al ]
Ken, How do you think Pedro will fit it with the Phillies?
3:18 Ken Rosenthal:  Not a great park for him.
3:18 [Comment From Matt ]
Should the Twins trade Joe Mauer before his contract is up? I think it’s highly
unlikely the Twins will dish out the money he will require for a new contract.
3:19 Ken Rosenthal:  NO! They’re getting a new ballpark. They should
SIGN Mauer. Remember, they let Santana and Hunter go. That’s fine, but at some point
you have to keep your best. And this is a local kid and potential Hall of Famer.
3:19 [Comment From Jeff ]
Miguel Cabrera is certainly under achieving, what are your thoughts about this ?
3:19 Ken Rosenthal:  Underachieving? The guy is a deserving All-Star,
he’s just at the wrong position. Guy is hitting .323 with 16 homers and 47 RBIs.
3:19 [Comment From Seth Koehler ]
Do you see any big moves coming from the royals soon?
3:20 Ken Rosenthal:  No, they’re getting Gordon and Buck back and
they think their starting pitching can get even better.
3:20 [Comment From steve ]
could you elaborate on anything? even if its simply just you thinking out loud?
3:20 Ken Rosenthal:  It’s a chat, not my attempt at a novel. I’m
trying to answer as many ?s as possible.
3:21 [Comment From Pete Rose ]
Does Jennifer Anniston have a shot at aquiring Ken Rosenthal?
3:21 Ken Rosenthal:  No, I am very happily married to a woman who
is hotter than Jennifer Aniston.
3:22 [Comment From Todd ]
Royals Just acquired Freel from the cubs…Huge Move?
3:22 Ken Rosenthal:  No. This is Freel’s third team this season.
3:22 [Comment From Phil ]
Ken what should the Cubs do with Jake Fox?
3:23 Ken Rosenthal:  Keep him as a backup to Ramirez, who can’t
play every day.
3:23 [Comment From Brad ]
Are there any big name starters that the Dodgers have a chance of acquiring?
3:23 Ken Rosenthal:  Question is, are there any big name starters
even available? Right now the answer is no.
3:23 [Comment From JP ]
Do you think Ryan Braun was out of line with his comments?
3:23 Ken Rosenthal:  

Yes. He should not be telling his GM what to do.

3:24 [Comment From DodgerBlue ]
Good answer Ken you should have a steak waiting for you whenever it is that your
actually home
3:24 [Comment From DodgerBlue ]
So you dont see a Lee or Halladay deal this month?
3:24 Ken Rosenthal:  I’d be surprised if either happened. They
don’t match up with Indians for Lee, lack the young SP with upside that Tribe wants.
3:24 [Comment From In Hotzona ]
You’re missing the boat on Reynolds….Look at his power numbers compared to the
3:25 [Comment From Jordan ]
So where are you going to be at the All Star Game?
3:25 Ken Rosenthal:  I like Reynolds. In a perfect world, he’s
on there. But I like Sandoval, too, and the fans elected Wright.
3:25 Ken Rosenthal:  In my usual spot, near one of the dugouts.
Will be Tweeting during game.
3:26 [Comment From Sean ]
Pablo Sandoval: Kirby Puckett redux?
3:26 Ken Rosenthal:  Sort of!
3:26 [Comment From Alex ]
Ken do you like your job?
3:26 [Comment From Randy ]
Will the astors move pudge?
3:26 Ken Rosenthal:  Astros won’t move anyone. In their minds,
they’re in it.
3:26 Ken Rosenthal:  Love my job.
3:27 [Comment From Guest ]
Will Moorad finally get rid of Towers?
3:27 Ken Rosenthal:  No. Towers is a good GM, and Moorad knows
3:27 [Comment From Jordan ]
Do you AGREE with what Braun said?
3:28 Ken Rosenthal:  Well, yes, but I don’t go telling my bosses
what to do. Well, not usually.
3:28 [Comment From Todd ]
your 1st half mvp’s are?
3:28 Ken Rosenthal:  Pujols and Bay.
3:28  Ken will take only a couple more questions
3:28 [Comment From matthew ]
Are the Twins relying on too many young starting pitchers to have a chance at the
3:29 Ken Rosenthal:  No. Slowey and Blackburn, in particular, are
coming into their own. Most teams would like to have the Twins’ rotation.
3:30 [Comment From Landon ]
Ken, is the great Albert Pujols from another planet? Because this guy plays out
of this world.
3:30 Ken Rosenthal:  No, I believe he is from our planet. But he
is very unique!
3:30 [Comment From mario ]
do you ever think some players don’t take the all-star game serious? especially
if they’re on a team w/ a losing record?
3:30 Ken Rosenthal:  No, the players are truly honored and they
do their best. They want to shine. And no one wants to be embarrassed.
3:31 Ken Rosenthal:  

Great chatting with everyone. Thanks for all the good questions. Enjoy the All-Star
Game on FOX!

3:32  Thanks, Kenny. Thanks, readers. Be sure to
watch Ken Rosenthal at the 2009 All-Star Game on FOX on July 14 at 8 p.m. ET. This
concludes our chat.