Ohio fast-food joint disses Browns

In observance with the Christian day of rest, Chick-fil-A is not
open on Sundays.

Typically, that reality is not used as premise for a punchline,
but these are the Cleveland Browns we’re talking about.

“Like the Browns, we take Sundays off,” the sign reads. Cold,
Chick-fil-A. Cold.

As sleuthed out by
that appears to be the fast food chain’s location in North Canton,
Ohio. If that rings a bell, yes — Canton is also the home of
the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Apparently it’s also a location with a sense of humor about the
regional sports franchises.

It’s not like the fast-food restaurant is alone in it’s making
fun of the northeast Ohio NFL team. Recall this Cleveland fan and
his famous rant from 2011?
(WARNING: Heads up for use of fowl language)