Brewers close roof because of wildfire smoke

The Milwaukee Brewers have closed the Miller Park roof before
their game against the Colorado Rockies due to the lingering smoke
from a wildfire burning in Minnesota.

Strong winds brought smoke and haze from the blaze nearly 400
miles southeast. Park officials say they closed the roof well
before players arrived Tuesday afternoon and closed the outfield
panels to the park about 3 hours before the first pitch.

There still was a haze inside the ballpark at game time, but the
smell of smoke was not prevalent inside the way it was outside the
10-year-old stadium.

The fire started Aug. 18 with a lightning strike 20 miles from
Ely, Minn., but only began spreading quickly this week in windy,
dry conditions. The fire raced 16 miles east in a single day from
Monday to Tuesday.