Is McCutchen a future Hall of Famer?

Who led the National League in hits last season?

If you’re answer is Andrew McCutchen, you are correct.

If you’re surprised, you really shouldn’t be. The Pittsburgh Pirates five-tool center fielder, who grew up admiring Ken Griffey Jr., is one of the most exciting players in the game today.

Now in his fifth major league season, the 26-year-old features 91 homers, 337 RBI, 412 runs and 114 stolen bases (through July 2). His career batting average is .290 after hitting a career-best .327 last year.

McCutchen, the 11th overall pick in the 2005 MLB Draft, has played in the last two All-Star Games and will likely be in his third on July 16 (7:30 p.m. ET on FOX). The Fort Meade, Fla., native also won his first Gold Glove last season.

McCutchen’s play and leadership are good reasons the Pirates currently own the best record in baseball and are looking good in ending a 20-year stretch of finishing below .500.

It’s why the Pirates signed McCutchen to a six-year, $51.5 contract extension on March 5, 2012. Plus, he’s a good follow on Twitter: @TheCutch22.

At his age — he’ll turn 27 in October — and with his skills, the sky is the limit for the kind of career he can produce. He definitely has the talent to end up in Cooperstown, but of course it will take 10-plus years of the same kind of production to make it a possibility.

Watch the above video to hear his case.