Report: A-Rod met with Conte

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez secretly met with BALCO founder Victor Conte in the spring of 2012, the New York Daily News reports.

Rodriguez reportedly wanted Conte’s advice on legal products that could boost his performance.

Conte served a four-month prison term for his role in the early-2000s BALCO steroids scandal that involved major leaguers Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi, among others.

On Aug. 5, Rodriguez was suspended 211 games (the remainder of this season and the entire 2014 season) by Major League Baseball for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs supplied by the Biogenesis lab. Rodriguez, however, made his 2013 debut the same day the punishment was handed out and will continue to play as he appeals that suspension.

The Daily News also reports that MLB is aware of the Rodriguez-Conte meeting and that two MLB investigators questioned Conte about it last week. However, Conte isn’t a target of an investigation or suspected him of any wrongdoing in this instance, the newspaper notes.

Rodriguez reportedly showed up uninvited — with former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski, who was involved in the BALCO scandal — at Conte’s offices in May of 2012. Conte now owns a legal supplement company called Scientific Nutrition for Advance Conditioning (SNAC) with his daughter, Veronica Conte.

“I flushed it out with Romo before they ever showed up at the office,” Victor Conte told the Daily News. “I clearly told Romo it (anything he could do for Rodriguez) was about legal performance enhancement.”

Veronica Conte says A-Rod was very secretive and didn’t want to be seen entering the offices, given Rodriguez’s and Victor Conte’s past ties to PEDs.

Conte told the Daily News that he consulted with Rodriguez and shipped him legal supplements. In addition, Conte said he spoke on the phone twice with Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch, whom Conte referred to as A-Rod’s “nutrition guy.”