Disturbance in the Force? Darth Vader tosses awful first pitch

This was not the pitch Darth Vader was looking for. 

There must have been a disturbance in the Force at the Brewers-Reds game in Cincinnati on Friday night. 


Darth Vader visited the Great American Ball Park to deliver the game’s ceremonial first pitch on "Star Wars" night, two days before May the Fourth (as in "May the Fourth Be With You").


But the gravitational pull was apparently much different here than long ago in a galaxy far far away, because the ‘Star Wars’ character completely Jar Jar Binksed it: 


Clearly, that was not the pitch he was looking for. And the power of the dark side must have overpowered the Reds during the game as they lost to the Brewers 2-0. 

Though that could also have been because Vader had a filial connection to the Brewers, as seen in this reunion snap taken with his long lost son: 

H/t MLB.com