Stow suspect: 'I was involved' in attack

Suspect in Bryan Stow attack tells mom: 'I was involved' in attack

A suspect accused of involvement in the 2011 Dodgers Stadium beating that left San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow with brain damage was heard at the opening of his preliminary court hearing Wednesday telling his mother on a police video, "I was involved ... I'm going down for it."

Marvin Norwood, 30, made the comments during a phone call with his mom while he sat in an interrogation room with an LAPD detective, the Los Angeles Times reported.

He told his mom, "I got arrested for that Dodger Stadium thing. I was involved. To a certain extent I was."

Adding that Louie Sanchez, 29, was also in custody for the attack, he apologized to his mother and said, "Pretty sure I'm going down for it. I'm sorry."

Norwood and Sanchez have both pleaded not guilty to charges of mayhem, assault and battery.

Witnesses told the hearing that they saw Sanchez antagonizing Giants fans throughout the season-opening game, throwing peanuts and swearing at them, the Times reported. They said Norwood was sitting with him.

Father-of-two Stow, 43, was in hospital from March 2011, when he was attacked, until his transfer to a therapy facility early this year.

His family is suing the Dodgers, seeking a "conservative" estimate of $50 million for the lifelong medical care he will require.

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