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MLB 49 43 Two no-hitters in a season 29904467 Roy Halladay — 2010 Roy+Halladay+%26mdash%3B+2010 MLB

In 2010, Roy Halladay threw a perfect game against the Marlins on May 29. He topped that by no-hitting the Reds in the first game of the National League Division Series on Oct. 6, becoming only the second player (after Don Larsen in 1956) to log a postseason no-no. He is the only player to throw a no-hitter in the regular season and postseason.

Howard Smith - USA TODAY Sports
MLB 49 43 Two no-hitters in a season 29904466 Nolan Ryan — 1973 Nolan+Ryan+%26mdash%3B+1973 MLB

Nolan Ryan threw the first two of his seven no-hitters in 1973, while with the California Angels. Kansas City was on the losing end on May 15 and Detroit fell to the master on July 15.

Louis Requena/MLB Photos - Getty Images
MLB 49 43 Two no-hitters in a season 29906215 Virgil Trucks — 1952 Virgil+Trucks+%26mdash%3B+1952 MLB

In 1952, a year after Allie Reynolds, Tigers pitcher Virgil Trucks joined this most exclusive club. He no-hit the Washington Senators May 15 and then came close to throwing a no-hitter against them during their rematch on July 22, giving up just one single. He blanked the Yankees on Aug. 25. His record that season was just 5-19.

MLB 49 43 Two no-hitters in a season 29904488 Allie Reynolds — 1951 Allie+Reynolds+%26mdash%3B+1951 MLB

Yankees pitcher Allie Reynolds tossed no-hitters on July 12 and Sept. 28, 1951. The Indians were the victims of the first, and the second came at home against Ted Williams and the rival Red Sox.

Kidwiler Collection/Diamond Images - Getty Images
MLB 49 43 Two no-hitters in a season 29904470 Johnny Vander Meer — 1938 Johnny+Vander+Meer+%26mdash%3B+1938 MLB

Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Reds threw back-to-back no-hitters in 1938: June 11 vs. the Boston Bees and June 15 vs. the Brooklyn Dodgers. 

Diamond Images - Getty Images
MLB 49 43 Two no-hitters in a season 30047082 A matter of time? A+matter+of+time%3F MLB

Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander, who already has two no-hitter under his belt, including one in 2011, seems determined to join the small group of pitchers who have pitched more than one no-hitter in a single season. Learn who the others are.

Rick Osentoski - USA TODAY Sports
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