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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11026463 Jim "Catfish" Hunter Jim+%26quot%3BCatfish%26quot%3B+Hunter MLB Hunter won 224 games between 1965 and 1979 for the A's (1965-74) and Yankees (1975-79) and was the American League Cy Young Award winner in 1974. He learned he had diabetes in the spring of 1978, taking the news in stride and quipping "It's just a good thing they have sugarless gum." He died in 1979 after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease.
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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11026422 Chris Dudley Chris+Dudley MLB Dudley (shown shooting over Greg Ostertag) played in the NBA from 1987-2003 despite having been diagnosed with diabetes at age 16. Since retiring, he has run a foundation that provides diabetes information and runs sports camps for children with diabetes.
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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11026404 James "Buster" Douglas James+%26quot%3BBuster%26quot%3B+Douglas MLB
In February 1990 Douglas, a 42-1 underdog, scored one of the biggest upsets in sports history by knocking out Mike Tyson in the 10th round in Tokyo. In the aftermath, Douglas began binging on food and alcohol, gaining a huge amount of weight and even going into a diabetic coma for several days. After this health scare, he worked to get himself back into shape and returned to boxing. He became a vocal advocate for diabetes self-care, and last year published Buster’s Backyard Bar-B-Q: Knockout Diabetes Diet, a combination of stories, inspiration and recipes.
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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11026400 David Wells David+Wells MLB David Wells pitched 20 years (1987-2007) in the major leagues, and was diagnosed with diabetes in the spring of his final season. "From the time I found out, I made changes," he told the San Diego Union Tribune. "No more starches and sugar. No more rice, pasta, potatoes and white bread. No more fast food. I've cut out alcohol."

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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11026262 Bobby Clarke Bobby+Clarke MLB NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Clarke captained Philadelphia's Broad Street Bullies to the 1974 and '75 Stanley Cups and won three Hart Trophies as league MVP. But the beginning of his career was marked by doubts about him. Despite being considered one of the top junior hockey players in canada, he wasn't drafted until the second round. He's convinced it was because teams knew he was diabetic (he was diagnosed when he was 13).

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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11026263 Ron Santo Ron+Santo MLB Former Chicago Cubs third baseman Ron Santo was diagnosed with diabetes at age 18, but went on to play 15 years in the major leagues, 14 with the Cubs, and made nine All-Star teams. After he retired, Santo had to have both legs amputated because of the effects of diabetes.
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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11026264 Jay Cutler Jay+Cutler MLB Quarterback Jay Cutler often felt sick during the 2007 season, when he played for the Denver Broncos, but he didn't know what was wrong until he was diagnosed with diabetes. At first he kept his condition a secret, but he eventually came to believe he could help others with diabetes by acknowledging his own. "I'd like to use my story to be able to inspire kids that get diabetes," said Cutler, who now plays for the Chicago Bears. " They think it's the end of the world, they think can't have dreams, do what they want to do. But that's entirely false."
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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11026265 Dave Hollins Dave+Hollins MLB Third baseman Dave Hollins played for seven different teams in a major-league career that lasted from 1990-2002. He was diagnosed with diabetes after the 1993 season, but was able to play for several more years.
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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11026267 Michelle McGann Michelle+McGann MLB Michelle McGann went directly to the LPGA Tour from high school, just a couple of years after she was diagnosed with diabetes. She wears an insulin pump to help keep her blood sugar in balance.
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MLB 49 43 Athletes overcoming diabetes 11031004 Adam Morrison Adam+Morrison MLB Los Angeles Lakers forward Adam Morrison was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 14, but that didn't prevent him from becoming a college basketball star at Gonzaga or a first-round NBA draft choice. Mossison, who wears an insulin pump off the court, was recently appointed to the advisory board of the Joe Toucan Diabetes Project, which helps diabetic children, teens and young adults.
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