Oakland facelift: Where have all the A’s gone?

Now that spring training games have begun, the visual evidence of Oakland’s offseason overhaul is there for all of us to see.

To wit, here were the 10 players in the A’s lineup at the moment Sal Perez roped his walk-off single down the left-field line in the American League Wild Card Game:

P — Jason Hammel
C — Derek Norris
1B — Alberto Callaspo
2B — Nick Punto
3B — Josh Donaldson
SS — Jed Lowrie
LF — Jonny Gomes
CF — Sam Fuld
RF — Josh Reddick
DH — Brandon Moss

Of that group, only Fuld and Reddick are still with the A’s. Two of 10! In fact, Atlanta’s 40-man roster this spring includes the same number of players from that game-ending snapshot (Callaspo and Gomes).

Short of contracting a franchise, this is the most extreme dismantling one could imagine for a playoff team last seen trudging toward the dugout after a season-ending, walk-off loss.

But given the A’s track record, I’m sure they’ll be fine.