The many moods of Masahiro Tanaka

Gabe Kapler

Welcome to my first totally abstract Baseball Joe. just ran a headline: “Yanks enraged by Tanaka’s bullpen session.”

Wait, what? Enraged is the last word I would associate with Tanaka. 

I’m starting with this scale ...

This should be easy, right?

I’ve seen Tanaka fired up.

I've seen Tanaka sort of happy.

I've seen Tanaka sort of intense.

I've seen Tanaka incomprehensible.

But it's tough to see enraged. 

Wait, I’m reading that wrong. The Yanks were enraged, not Tanaka, right? Let me go back and re-read.

The headline actually said, “Yanks encouraged by Tanaka’s bullpen session.” 

That’s completely different. So who do you picture as encouraged (or enraged)? Cashman? Billy Martin? Jeter? 

I’m going to call the Yankees and get a quote. Wait, who do I call?