So far, Cardinals far better at baseball than fantasy football

ST. LOUIS — Two weeks into the NFL season, it appears MLB players might be better off sticking to baseball.

To put it simply, Adam Wainwright and his Cardinals teammates are holding steady on the diamond, but flat-out getting whooped on the online gridiron.

The charity fantasy football event dubbed Waino’s World of Fantasy Football launched in late August and pitted four Cardinal stars against 44 Average Joes who could afford the $2,500 entry fee.

The main purpose? Charity. Wainwright’s first-of-its-kind fund-raiser raised $110,000 for Operation Food Search and Water Missions International.

The second purpose? Bragging rights.

For the Cardinals, it’s not going so hot.

The combined record of the four participating baseball players (Adam Wainwright, Matt Holliday, David Freese and Allen Craig) is 1-7. Wainwright, who plays with a team named after his curveball — Uncle Charlie — is the only player who has tasted victory so far.

Meanwhile, Holliday (team name: Matt Holliday), Freese (team name: Fast Times at Freesemont High) and Craig (team name: Clinton Tortis) are winless after two weeks of head-to-head matchups. Full league standings

Wainwright predicts a turning tide.

“Last week I was being a good host,” he posted to the league message board. “This week, back to business.”

Then the ace went out and got the Cardinals’ first fantasy football win.

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