Molina brothers enjoying another World Series

The Molina brothers are cheering on baby bro Yadier as he tries to win family's sixth ring.


ST. LOUIS — A member of the Texas Rangers team that lost to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series last year, Bengie Molina is back at the Fall Classic again.

But it's not with the Rangers or Cardinals, two teams he once thought he might play for this season. It's to support baby brother Yadier, the Cardinals’ All-Star catcher who had three hits in Monday's Game 5 and has driven in five runs in the Series — a team record for a catcher.

"It's a little weird because I was here last year playing for the Rangers and all of a sudden here's my brother trying to beat them," Bengie Molina said. "It's kind of a weird feeling but I'm behind Yadi 100 percent and I want him to win it.

"I know what all they went through all year. It's not easy to be here. It wasn't easy for them and it will be great, it will be awesome if they win."

Between Bengie, Yadier and middle brother Jose, there already are five World Series rings in the Molina family. Bengie and Jose won the 2002 Series together with the Angels. Yadier joined the gang when the Cardinals won in 2006. Jose won a second ring with the Yankees in 2009, and Bengie earned his second ring last year after playing part of the season with the Giants.

It's the third straight season a Molina brother has participated in the World Series. But it's a different experience for Jose, who wore Yadier’s No. 4 Cardinals shirt and enjoyed a beer while watching Game 5 from the stands in Texas.

"It's awesome just to have the chance to see him play," Jose said. "I love to see him play, even on TV and stuff. It's unbelievable to watch him from the stands. Just to spend time with him because he always supports us and everything we do, so it's just awesome to be here to support him."

Watching his brother play from the stands is nothing new for Bengie. But after coming close to signing with the Cardinals to be his brother’s backup last winter, the experience is a somewhat bittersweet one.

Bengie, 37, and the Cardinals had serious discussions around last year’s winter meetings, and he thought they were close enough that a deal would get done.

"That night I started crying for my dad and I said, 'Man I'm going to play with my brother,'" Bengie said. "I went out and bought a Cardinals hat. I was very excited."

But the two sides weren't able to come to an agreement and Bengie decided to retire. He made a handful of trips to St. Louis this year to see Yadier play and to Toronto to see Jose play with the Blue Jays. And Bengie, Jose and the rest of the Molina family will be in the stands Wednesday night for Game 6.

"This is the ultimate,” Bengie said. “Nobody thought that the St. Louis Cardinals were going to be around here at the World Series. This is something special for them and I think they can do it.

"We are very proud of him. All of us."