Long trolls Austin on Twitter, gives away free tickets to Rams fans

Tavon Austin got a life lesson from Chris Long via Twitter.

Chris Long’s Twitter account is one of the best in the business. And all that knowledge the Rams’ defensive end dishes out in 140 characters or less comes free of charge.

You are welcome, America.

Tavon Austin, however, believes that everything in life comes with a price. On Wednesday evening he tweeted out, "Remember nothing is free in life!!!" Notice three exclamation marks? That’s enthusiasm!  

Long, as is usually the case, couldn’t skip an opportunity to poke a little fun at his teammate, even getting Rams fans in on the action.

And off the tweet went.

Austin clearly was enjoying the contest, even if it was all done to prove him wrong.

But, as it turns out, maybe the wideout wasn’t wrong after all.

The tweet didn’t reach 2,000 retweets, but it did get three Rams fans a chance to watch the season opener free of charge.  

Well played, Mr. Long. Well played. Now go enjoy Bonnaroo.