Free market: Cardinals' promotional items a hot sell on eBay

Missed the Michael Wacha bobblehead night at Busch Stadium? Don't worry, eBay has you covered. So just how much are people willing to pay?

Selling free bobbleheads on eBay for $39.99? Go crazy, folks!

ST. LOUIS -- If you missed out on the Cardinals' replica 2013 National League Champions ring, the Michael Wacha NLCS MVP bobblehead or the Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright Gold Glove Award giveaway, there's still hope.

If you've got the cash, of course.

The Cardinals have had plenty of giveaways already this season and have several more to come. As has become the norm over the years, those promotional items have found their way onto eBay and can now be purchased for the right price.

On Friday afternoon, someone was attempting to sell one of the NL championship replica rings for $64.99 or best offer.

That same seller has several other giveaway items for sale, including the 2006 World Series champion replica ring ($59.99 or best offer) that was a promo item last April.

Or, if you are into bundling, you can purchase the 2013 NL champs ring and the Wacha bobblehead giveaway for the buy-it-now price of $109.99.

The Wacha bobblehead by itself was going for as much as $49.99 on Friday. Though one seller was offering two Wachas for $75.00.

That's a pricey Wacha Wacha.

The Molina-Wainwright Gold Glove giveaway was advertised for as much as $44.99 (or best offer) by the same seller as the NL champs ring above.

Of course there are plenty of "bargains" to be had as well if Cardinals fans are willing to be patient and wait for them.  

One of the more interesting Cardinals-related items was a 2002 J.D. Drew Cardinals promotional bobblehead that was being offered for the buy-it-now price of $10, though there was also a $7 shipping charge.

And there are a couple of the Drew bobbleheads available, which means there's probably a good chance that if you missed any promotional giveaway item from the past you'll be able to find it for sale on eBay.

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