Everybody loves peanut butter crackers, right? We're guessing Jose Molina loves them more than most because of all the gifts his brother could have left for him on home plate Wednesday night, peanut butter crackers was the choice.

Actually, it was Cardinals third-base coach Jose Oquendo who left the crackers for Rays catcher Jose Molina in the bottom of the first inning as he trotted to his post by third base. But Oquendo was just the delivery man. The gift was from Molina's younger brother, Cardinals catcher Yadier.

Yadier Molina has a bit more time than usual to be thinking of practical jokes and gags. He's on the disabled list following thumb surgery.

Jose Molina found the crackers waiting for him and, with a huge smile that could be seen behind his mask, stuffed them in his back pocket.