Twitter war escalates for Chiefs’ DT

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Chiefs nose tackle Shaun Smith seemed frustrated on the field Sunday during the Chiefs’ 30-7 loss to the Cleveland Browns, even to the point of scuffling with Browns running back Trent Richardson after one play.

Smith got even more frustrated later over his pregame prediction on Twitter.

Smith had sent out a Tweet on Sunday morning that read, “We are gonna win by 10 the brownies suck.”

After the Chiefs’ awful performance, Smith returned to his Twitter account later Sunday to face the music from his followers.

And predictably, the reaction was nothing Smith cared to read, especially one Tweet from KCSP sports talk-show host Danny Parkins, who suggested Smith was about to receive some backlash for his prediction.

Smith tweeted this reply: “No, (expletive). I have faith n my teammates that’s why I said it so u r blocked chump u don’t want to c me in the streets so be easy.”

A Twitter war ensued between Smith and some followers.

Smith tweeted, “U don’t want these problems so shut up see m in the streets since u know everything.”

Later, though, Smith apologized to his followers, and on Monday following practice, Smith again seemed remorseful. At least momentarily.

“I said some words that I shouldn’t have used,” Smith told a group of reporters outside his locker. “I apologized out of respect for my kids. I have three little girls. I used some vulgar language but other than that, I’m fine.”

But Smith’s mood moved to tense when he was asked about his prediction.

“I predicted a win every week if you follow my tweets,” Smith said, his voice rising. “I have confidence in my team every week. It’s no different than I do each week. I did the same thing against Carolina and against Pittsburgh. It’s no different. Do the research.”

But to suggest a team the 2-11 Chiefs are facing sucks?

“I say that every week,” Smith said, his voice getting angrier. “I feel every team sucks. We’re gonna win. This is what we have to do to win. I said we were gonna win by 10. I say that every week.

“I didn’t guarantee nothing. There’s a difference between having confidence in wining and guaranteeing something. I didn’t guarantee nothing.”

At that point, Chiefs media relation staff ended the media session with Smith. Parkins, though, stayed with Smith to continue talking, which seemed to even further anger Smith.

Smith, voice raised, said, “I said what I have to say. Now, just move on! You got your little bit of fame!”

With that, Smith left the locker room.