Royals to let fans choose new name for Frenchy Quarter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With outfielder Jeff Francoeur no longer a Royal, the subject of what to do with the Frenchy Quarter section of Kauffman Stadium has come up often in the past two weeks.
The Royals say they have the solution: Let the fans rename it, then promote it like the Frenchy Quarter had been since 2012.

The Royals are giving fans three options:

* GordoNation (named for Alex Gordon and to be located above the left-field bullpen)

* Friends in Lough Places (named for David Lough and to be located in the right-field seats)

* Country Breakfast Club (named for Billy Butler, whose nickname is Country Breakfast, and to be located in the left-center field seats).
The Frenchy Quarter section had been located above the visitors’ bullpen in right field. The Frenchy Quarter promotion was held on every Thursday home game and featured a Frenchy Quarter T-shirt, Mardi Gras beads and a ticket for $21 (Francoeur’s number). The section was among the most festive at the stadium, and Francoeur did his part by sometimes tossing baseballs wrapped with $100 bills up to fans.
The Royals said they will announce next week how fans can vote for a new section, and the promotion for the new section will be held every Wednesday home game in August and September.
The Kansas City Star conducted a poll last week on renaming Frenchy Quarter and fans voted Country Breakfast Club first with 720 votes.
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