Wimmer is eligible to race after mistake

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Steve Byrnes

Steve Byrnes is a host and reporter for NASCAR on FOX. A broadcast veteran, he has covered racing for more than 20 years. Follow him on Twitter.

Lisa Bailey: I thought the NASCAR rule book required a NASCAR driver to hold a valid driver's license to race in the NASCAR Series. If 's driver's license has been revoked, as I have read (even temporarily), how is he being allowed to drive in races before his court date? This is a bad decision by NASCAR. Sends a bad message to our youth, my youth. Steve Byrnes: I don't know the exact language in the rule book, but Dave Despain reported last week on SPEED Channel's "Wind Tunnel" that NASCAR drivers no longer need to have a driver's license. I indirectly had something to do with going to Bill Davis Racing. I was doing the ASA races in 2000 for TNN, and I got a call from somebody at Bill Davis Racing. They wanted to know what I thought about Wimmer as a person. I will say the same thing now that I said then. I think he's a fine young man and very serious about what he's doing. He's a soft-spoken, nice person, but he's also a fierce competitor. I have never seen him be anything but nice to the fans and media. The guys on his team like working with him, and he has been nothing but a quality person. Having said that, I think he made a bad judgment error. I do think it's a societal problem that affects many, many lives -- my family included. I don't want to pass judgment on him personally, but I will say that he made bad judgment and error.I think what he did does send a bad message, but I know NASCAR does not condone it. I know Bill Davis Racing doesn't condone it. Wimmer was a pretty stand-up guy in Daytona. He came to media day and faced the music so to speak, repeatedly answering the question about his drunken driving incident. He has admitted that he has made a mistake. For his sake and the sake of others, I just hope that it doesn't happen again.

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