Watch your mouth so kids can watch races

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Larry McReynolds

Larry McReynolds has more than 30 years of NASCAR experience as a mechanic, Daytona 500-winning crew chief and broadcaster. He earned 23 Sprint Cup wins as a crew chief, including two victories in the prestigious Daytona 500, as well as a pair of non-points victories in the annual all-star race. Follow him on Twitter.

Jeff from Plymouth, Mass.: Why are NASCAR drivers getting into deep trouble by cursing? Can they just get a warning or something like that? Larry McReynolds: Over my career, I have certainly played a role in letting some obscenties fly off my tongue, I have three children, including a 12-year-old boy who watches every race very intently. I would sure feel much better about them watching the races if I knew that they didn't have to listen to any obscenities or see any obscene gestures. Unfortunately when you just warn drivers, it doesn't really get their attention. When you fine them or take away points, it gets their attention. There's no question that what happened at the Super Bowl has not helped matters so I'm very thankful that NASCAR is cracking down on this stuff a little bit not only for the sake of my children but for the millions of kids out there who watch NASCAR racing.
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Eric from Grand Rapids, Mich.: Jeff, I have been watching NASCAR since the early 1980's and have never seen the drivers out of their cars during the prayer and National Anthem. I was wondering what the drivers thought of this and the reasoning behind it. Does it distract them? I think it's a great idea and was really excited to see it happen. Larry McReynolds: As professional Nextel Cup drivers, I honestly don't think anything really takes away from their focus. I really don't. Especially something like standing outside of their cars for the National Anthem. NASCAR asked the drivers to stand next to their cars at the request of the FOX executives. In fact, NASCAR on FOX coordinating director Artie Kempner is the one who came up with the idea several months ago. We just wanted to give the fans at home an opportunity to see the drivers one final time before they crawled in their race cars. In the past, drivers had their helmets on and may have had their shields down. You couldn't really see them. Now you can see them. You can see the focus in their eyes. You can see the determination on their faces. That's something that we did to try to build excitement before the race.

FOX race analyst Larry McReynolds has more than 25 years of NASCAR experience as a mechanic, crew chief and broadcaster. He and his fellow Crew Chief Club members take you behind the wall at www.crewchiefclub.com.

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