Under the Bleachers: Mystery of Andre Smith

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Welcome to Under the Bleachers, where the best NFL writers from Bleacher Report give their unique take on the latest action.

The Curious Case of Andre Smith

Is skipping out in the middle of combines the best advice that Andre Smith's new agent can give him? Yeah, that was worth missing the Sugar Bowl. Funny, you'd think Nick Saban would be better at teaching his guys how to commit. Um ...

Who got what out of the Combine?

While Andre Smith may have cost himself millions of dollars with his walk-off performance, plenty of teams gained increased value on their first-round picks following the combine.

The Return of Michael Vick

How about pairing Michael and Marcus Vick together for the ultimate come-back package? Michael makes sure baby brother doesn't pull anymore guns on guys while Marcus makes "Ron Mexico" stick to cockfighting only from here on out. What a team!

Jason Garrett Killed the Cowboys

Hey, we can call pass-run-pass on every series just as well as Garrett can. Can Jerry Jones pay us close to $3 million too? With Garrett on offense and Wade Phillips on defense, the Cowboys are going to be just as successful next year as Jessica Simpson's diet routine.

Tim Tebow - an Enigma Wrapped in a Strip of Bacon

Sure, he's got another year. But the question of Tebow in the NFL has been baffling wise men since the beginning of time. Like Gandhi. Who cares about his pass mechanics? The man circumcises Filipino babies. There's gotta be room on the Lions for that! Check out more fan opinions by going to Bleacher Report's NFL page. Got something to say to us? Feedback, comments, and tips can be sent to underthebleachers@bleacherreport.com. Want your story linked here? Become a Bleacher Report writer.

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