In softball, great sportsmanship

Puerto Rico's Galis Lozada, left, and Dayanira Diaz, right, help United States' Amber Freeman
Two Puerto Rico players help Team USA's Amber Freeman get around the bases.
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Lolo Jones


Lolo Jones was among those who couldn't escape controversy at the London Olympics.

Is it that women understand sportsmanship better than men? We’re not saying helping your opponent complete a home run could never happen in a men’s game — or even that it may not have happened — but this is the second time we’ve heard of such an act, and both times they involved women.

In a World Cup of Softball game on Sunday, Team USA’s Amber Freeman hit a homer against Puerto Rico, but hurt her ankle rounding first base. Unable to complete her trot around the bases, Freeman got a helping hand from two members of the Puerto Rican team. (Any help from her own teammates would have negated Freeman’s homer.)

This was Freeman’s second homer of the game, in the midst of what would be a 10-3 USA win. When you hit a couple of home runs in a baseball game, you’re liable to get a ball thrown at your head next time up.

If it sounds familiar, a similar thing happened a few years back in a college game. Here’s the video:


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