St. Louis Cardinals 2009 Television Schedule

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-- St. Louis Cardinals news release --

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced their television schedule for the 2009 season. Fox Sports Midwest (16th season) and KSDK, NewsChannel 5 (third season) will again serve as television partners of the team.

Fox Sports Midwest will carry 130 regular season games for the third consecutive season, including Opening Day on April 6 when the Cardinals host the Pittsburgh Pirates. Fox Sports Midwest will also televise five spring games, their most ever, beginning when the Cards travel to Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland, Fla. to play the Detroit Tigers on March 16. Fox Sports Midwest will also televise spring games on March 18 vs. Baltimore in Jupiter, March 25 vs. Houston, March 29 at Minnesota and April 3 at AutoZone Park in Memphis in a Cardinals exhibition against the Triple-A Redbirds. Fox Sports Midwest will produce Cardinals Live pregame and postgame shows for every regular season telecast on the network. The schedule of Fox Sports Midwest telecasts in high definition has not yet been determined.

KSDK, NewsChannel 5 will televise 20 Sunday regular season Cardinals games, all in high definition. In addition, KSDK, NewsChannel 5 will continue to air pre and postgame shows, along with a weekly half-hour program called Cardinal Nation. KSDK, NewsChannel 5 will televise two Sunday afternoon Grapefruit League games. A March 15 telecast will originate from Clearwater, Fla. as the Cards take on the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Their final spring telecast is on March 22 as the Orioles visit Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Fla.

"Every Cardinals game will be televised this season, which is a great testament to the commitment of our local and national rightsholders and the continuing popularity of Cardinals baseball," said Cardinals President William O. DeWitt III.

Ten games are currently scheduled to be carried as part of Major League Baseball's national television package, nine as a part of FOX Saturday Baseball and two on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. A single game against the Chicago Cubs on September 20 presently does not have a television outlet, but will likely be added to the Cardinals schedule pending national television scheduling.

Sunday March 15 at Philadelphia 12:00pm KSDK
Monday March 16 at Detroit 12:00pm FSMW
Wednesday March 18 Baltimore 12:00pm FSMW
Sunday March 22 Baltimore 12:00pm KSDK
Wednesday March 25 Houston 12:00pm FSMW
Sunday March 29 at Minnesota 12:00pm FSMW
Friday April 3 at Memphis 7:00pm FSMW

REGULAR SEASON Monday April 6 Pittsburgh 3:00pm FSMW
Tuesday April 7 Pittsburgh 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday April 8 Pittsburgh 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday April 9 Pittsburgh 12:30pm FSMW
Friday April 10 Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday April 11 Houston 3:00pm FOX
Sunday April 12 Houston 1:00pm KSDK
Monday April 13 at Arizona 8:30pm FSMW
Tuesday April 14 at Arziona 8:30pm FSMW
Wednesday April 15 at Arizona 2:30pm FSMW
Thursday April 16 at Chicago 1:00pm FSMW
Friday April 17 at Chicago 1:00pm FSMW
Saturday April 18 at Chicago 2:40pm FOX
Sunday April 19 at Chicago 7:00pm ESPN
Tuesday April 21 New York 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday April 22 New York 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday April 23 New York 12:30pm FSMW
Friday April 24 Chicago 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday April 25 Chicago 3:00pm FOX
Sunday April 26 Chicago 1:00pm KSDK
Monday April 27 at Atlanta 6:00pm FSMW
Tuesday April 28 at Atlanta 6:00pm FSMW
Wednesday April 29 at Atlanta 6:00pm FSMW
Thursday April 30 at Washington 6:00pm FSMW
Friday May 1 at Washington 6:00pm FSMW
Saturday May 2 at Washington 12:00pm FSMW
Sunday May 3 at Washington 12:30pm KSDK
Monday May 4 Philadelphia 7:00pm FSMW
Tuesday May 5 Philadelphia 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday May 6 Pittsburgh 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday May 7 Pittsburgh 12:30pm FSMW
Friday May 8 at Cincinnati 6:00pm FSMW
Saturday May 9 at Cincinnati 6:00pm FSMW
Sunday May 10 at Cincinnati 12:00pm KSDK
Tuesday May 12 at Pittsburgh 6:00pm FSMW
Wednesday May 13 at Pittsburgh 6:00pm FSMW
Thursday May 14 at Pittsburgh 6:00pm FSMW
Friday May 15 Milwaukee 7:00pm FSMW [rain]
Saturday May 16 Milwaukee 12:00pm FSMW
Sunday May 17 Milwaukee 1:00pm KSDK
Monday May 18 Milwaukee 7:00pm FSMW [make-up]
Tuesday May 19 Chicago 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday May 20 Chicago 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday May 21 Chicago 7:00pm FSMW
Friday May 22 Kansas City 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday May 23 Kansas City 12:00pm FSMW
Sunday May 24 Kansas City 1:00pm KSDK
Monday May 25 at Milwaukee 1:00pm FSMW
Tuesday May 26 at Milwaukee 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday May 27 at Milwuakee 12:00pm FSMW
Friday May 29 at San Francisco 9:00pm FSMW
Saturday May 30 at San Francisco 8:00pm FSMW
Sunday May 31 at San Francisco 3:00pm KSDK
Monday June 1 Cincinnati 7:00pm FSMW
Tuesday June 2 Cincinnati 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday June 3 Cincinnati 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday June 4 Cincinnati 7:00pm FSMW
Friday June 5 Colorado 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday June 6 Colorado 6:00pm FSMW
Sunday June 7 Colorado 1:00pm KSDK
Monday June 8 Colorado 1:00pm FSMW
Tuesday June 9 at Florida 6:00pm FSMW
Wednesday June 10 at Florida 6:00pm FSMW
Thursday June 11 at Florida 11:00am FSMW
Friday June 12 at Cleveland 6:00pm FSMW
Saturday June 13 at Cleveland 3:00pm FOX Sunday June 14 at Cleveland 12:00pm KSDK
Tuesday June 16 Detroit 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday June 17 Detroit 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday June 18 Detroit 7:00pm FSMW
Friday June 19 at Kansas City 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday June 20 at Kansas City 3:00pm FOX
Sunday June 21 at Kansas City 1:00pm FSMW
Monday June 22 at New York 6:00pm FSMW
Tuesday June 23 at New York 6:00pm FSMW
Wednesday June 24 at New York 6:00pm FSMW
Thursday June 25 at New York 12:00pm FSMW
Friday June 26 Minnesota 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday June 27 Minnesota 12:00pm FSMW
Sunday June 28 Minnesota 1:00pm KSDK
Monday June 29 San Francisco 7:00pm FSMW
Tuesday June 30 San Francisco 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday July 1 San Francisco 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday July 2 San Francisco 6:00pm FSMW
Friday July 3 at Cincinnati 6:00pm FSMW
Saturday July 4 at Cincinnati 12:00pm FSMW
Sunday July 5 at Cincinnati 12:00pm FSMW
Tuesday July 7 at Milwaukee 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday July 8 at Milwaukee 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday July 9 at Milwaukee 1:00pm FSMW
Friday July 10 at Chicago 1:00pm FSMW
Saturday July 11 at Chicago 3:00pm FOX
Sunday July 12 at Chicago 7:00pm ESPN
Friday July 17 Arizona 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday July 18 Arizona 6:00pm FSMW
Sunday July 19 Arizona 1:00pm KSDK
Monday July 20 at Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Tuesday July 21 at Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday July 22 at Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday 6:00pm FSMW at Washington* Friday July 24 at Phildelphia 6:00pm FSMW
Saturday July 25 at Philadelphia 3:00pm FOX
Sunday July 26 at Philadelphia 12:30pm KSDK
Monday July 27 Los Angeles 7:00pm FSMW
Tuesday July 28 Los Angeles 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday July 29 Los Angeles 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday July 30 Los Angeles 7:00pm FSMW
Friday July 31 Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday August 1 Houston 6:00pm FSN Sunday August 2 Houston 1:00pm KSDK
Tuesday August 4 at New York 6:00pm FSMW
Wednesday August 5 at New York 11:00am FSMW
Friday August 7 at Pittsburgh 6:00pm FSMW
Saturday August 8 at Pittsburgh 6:00pm FSMW
Sunday August 9 at Pittsburgh 12:30pm KSDK
Monday August 10 Cincinnati 7:00pm FSMW
Tuesday August 11 Cincinnati 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday August 12 Cincinnati 7:00pm FSMW
Friday August 14 San Diego 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday August 15 San Diego 6:00pm FSMW
Sunday August 16 San Diego 1:00pm KSDK
Monday August 17 at Los Angeles 9:00pm FSMW
Tuesday August 18 at Los Angeles 9:00pm FSMW
Wednesday August 19 at Los Angeles 9:00pm FSMW
Thursday August 20 at San Diego 9:00pm FSMW
Friday August 21 at San Diego 9:00pm FSMW
Saturday August 22 at San Diego 9:00pm FSMW
Sunday August 23 at San Diego 3:00pm KSDK
Tuesday August 25 Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday August 26 Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday August 27 Houston 1:00pm FSMW
Friday August 28 Washington 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday August 29 Washington 6:00pm FSMW
Sunday August 30 Washington 1:00pm KSDK
Tuesday September 1 Milwuakee 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday September 2 Milwaukee 7:00pm FSMW
Thursday September 3 Milwaukee 1:00pm FSMW
Friday September 4 at Pittsburgh 6:00pm FSMW
Saturday September 5 at Pittsburgh 6:00pm FSMW
Sunday September 6 at Pittsburgh 12:30pm FSMW
Monday September 7 at Milwaukee 1:00pm FSMW
Tuesday September 8 at Milwaukee 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday September 9 at Milwaukee 1:00pm FSMW
Friday September 11 Atlanta 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday September 12 Atlanta 3:00pm FOX
Sunday September 13 Atlanta 1:00pm KSDK
Monday September 14 Florida 7:00pm FSMW
Tuesday September 15 Florida 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday September 16 Florida 1:00pm FSMW
Friday September 18 Chicago 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday September 19 Chicago 3:00pm FOX
Sunday September 20 Chicago 1:00pm NO TV
Monday September 21 at Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Tuesday September 22 at Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Wednesday September 23 at Houston 7:00pm FSMW
Friday September 25 at Colorado 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday September 26 at Colorado 7:00pm FSMW
Sunday September 27 at Colorado 2:00pm KSDK
Tuesday September 29 at Cincinnati 6:00pm FSMW
Wednesday September 30 at Cincinnati 6:00pm FSMW
Thursday October 1 at Cincinnati 11:30am FSMW
Friday October 2 Milwaukee 7:00pm FSMW
Saturday October 3 Milwaukee 12:00pm KSDK
Sunday October 4 Milwaukee 1:00pm KSDK

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