Reutimann fastest as Toyota Tundra teams complete first test at Daytona

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Four Toyota-powered teams and seven drivers participated in the Tundra's first open test at Daytona International Speedway in preparation for the program's debut at the Feb. 13 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series season opening race. Toyota's newest addition to its driver line up, Bill Lester of Bill Davis Racing, took to the track in his No. 22 Toyota Tundra to turn the trucks first official timed laps at the historic super speedway. In the first of three days of testing, was the fastest of the seven Toyota pilots in both the morning and afternoon sessions. The Darrell Waltrip Motorsports driver had a top speed of 176.672 mph in the No. 17 Toyota Tundra, good for 13th overall. 1995 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series champion , driving the No. 42 Toyota Tundra for the new Bang Racing team, was the second quickest Toyota at 176.581 mph. The rest of the Toyota contingent included Lester, defending NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series champion Travis Kvapil of Bang Racing, Robert Huffman and Hank Parker Jr. of Innovative Motorsports, and Shelby Howard of Bill Davis Racing. NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series open testing at Daytona resumes on Sunday, Jan. 11, and will run through Monday, Jan. 12.


MIKE SKINNER - No. 42 Toyota Tundra - Bang! Racing: "I'm really exciting to be here at Daytona with the Bang team and Toyota. Our Tundra is driving really good. We're a little of the pace, but we're making some changes to get a little more speed out of it. The team is new but is gelling together really well. We're doing everything we can aero-wise to improve. The engine hasn't had a lot of time to develop since it's brand new, but it shows a lot of promise. The Tundra is brand new, but in the small amount of drafting practice we've had today, the truck has felt pretty stable. You'd always like to have six or eight months to prepare a new race car, but I think we can fine tune and get it really competitive." TRAVIS KVAPIL - No. 24 Toyota Tundra - Bang! Racing: "We definitely made progress today and learned a lot about the Tundra here at Daytona. We're not yet where we want to be, but we were definitely able to make some improvements, especially in how the truck handled in the draft. This is a new team but it's going to be a really good one. Plus we have Toyota behind us, so once we work out some of the bugs, we'll be where we want." BILL LESTER - No. 22 Toyota Tundra - Bill Davis Racing: "I thought the day went really well. It was a testament to how hard the guys worked back at the shop. The Tundra drove extremely well; it was very predictable and didn't do anything funny. Everything we threw at it made it go faster. We'd like go get another half-second out of the truck this weekend, and we'll try some aero changes and some mechanical changes. SHELBY HOWARD - No. 23 Toyota Tundra - Bill Davis Racing: "We had the Tundra driving good. It was kind of different today since it was the first chance I've had to work with my new crew chief. We still have a bunch of things we can work on over the next couple of days to improve on and make better. I think we can make some changes to gain a second per lap before we leave Daytona." ROBERT HUFFMAN - No. 12 Toyota Tundra - Innovative Motorsports, Inc.: "I think testing today went good today. We worked on a few things on the front end of the Tundra. Tried a few gear changes. We wanted to see what the chassis and the body liked. These guys at Innovative have been great to work with. Overall, we had a pretty good day at the track. At Daytona, there's not many big things you can do, but we'll try a few things to try and gain a tenth of a second here and there." HANK PARKER, JR. - No. 21 Toyota Tundra - Innovative Motorsports, Inc.: "This was the second time that I've had a chance to test with the team. I feel like we've got a great group of guys, and I'm really excited to be working with them. We had a list of things we wanted to do, regardless of the outcome, because we wanted to gather a lot of data. That's what the whole weekend will be about - gaining more and more data on the Tundra."

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