PERRY: Pitching the Hall of Fame shutouts

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To the four guys who didn't get a single vote on the Hall of Fame ballot this year, the Funhouse feels for you. We realize it's a little late, but we'd like to make a case for these guys (just to have gotten a vote, not to get in -- we're not crazy).

Danny Jackson

Jackson was a lefty, and there aren¿t as many of those in the Hall as there are righthanders. Jackson also had 28 career RBI without ever hitting a home run, which makes him one of the few players whose RBI-to-HR ratio is an irrational number. He pitched in three World Series. And he¿s closer in career victories to Sandy Koufax than Sandy Koufax is to Warren Spahn. In ¿96, he had an exceptional season at the dish, batting .333 and slugging .556, both of which (would have) led the NL Central-winning Cardinals (had he batted more than nine times). And it was his birthday on Sunday.

Mickey Tettleton

Tettleton stuffed a whole crapload of tobacco in his mouth during games. There are three other Mickeys in the Hall (Mantle, Cochrane and Welch), which suggests that ¿Mickey¿ is a moniker of greatness. Double his career home runs, and he has more than Stan Musial. He spent the first half of his career with the A¿s and Orioles. So did Reggie Jackson.

Mitch Williams

Williams played a critical role in a reasonably dramatic World Series moment. He also brazenly wore a mullet before there was anything ironic or putatively humorous about it. Did he break the ¿mullet line¿ in baseball? That¿s for the historians to debate, but there¿s no disputing that he was an pioneer. It¿ s often forgotten that Williams has more saves than Babe Ruth and a lower career ERA than Wade Boggs.

Todd Worrell

Not a single player named Todd in the Hall? As enlightened as we claim to be here in the 21st Century, how is it that this sort of poisonous bias is still allowed to draw breath? Worrell rang up 628 strikeouts in his career. If he were a position player instead of a reliever and those were homers instead of Ks, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

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