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Marvez NFL draft chat, 4-21-09 (04/21/2009) 
11:48 FOXSports.com:  Hello and welcome to another NFL draft chat with FOXSports.com's NFL insider Alex Marvez! We will be joined by Alex at noon and chat for an hour, and there's certainly plenty to discuss with the draft counting down its final days, hours and minutes.
11:49 FOXSports.com:  Until Alex joins us, feel free to submit any questions or comments ahead of time. He will be with us shortly ...
Which strategy makes more sense in Round 1?
Draft for specific need
 ( 59% )
Take best player available
 ( 41% )

12:01 FOXSports.com:  Alex is now with us, breaking away from his cave where he follows all the latest NFL rumors. Alex, thanks for making the time today!
12:04 FOXSports.com:  

Kicking off the chat WITH ALEX MARVEZ (we promise, haha) ...

Wes from Grand Rapids, MI asks, --
Have you heard any more about the Lions talking to Sanchez? If they are dead set on taking a QB, I hope that they at least take the right one by taking Sanchez. Stafford will be a bust, unless hitting plates becomes the new measure of success in the NFL.

12:04 Alex Marvez:  I strongly believe the Lions are taking Stafford.
12:04 Alex Marvez:  It's WAY too early to be labeling any player a bust.
12:05 Alex Marvez:  

I don't see the Lions dropping in the draft trying to get Sanchez later on.

12:06 FOXSports.com:  A guest asks: Marvez: Do you see much possiblity of the Seahawks trading down with the Broncos. Also, do you see Leroy Hill as being trade bait?
12:06 Alex Marvez:  

Second part first - I don't see Hill being trade bait right now.

12:06 Alex Marvez:  But if I were him, I wouldn't be waiting to sign the franchise tender that Seattle has offered.
12:06 FOXSports.com:  CFN Draft Rankings: QBs
12:07 Alex Marvez:  

I also don't see the Broncos sacrificing much of their draft class to move into the No. 4 slot in a trade with Denver.

12:07 Alex Marvez:  The Broncos are working out Mark Sanchez today in an individual workout.
12:07 Alex Marvez:  They might be willing to move up a few slots but not the eight it would take to leapfrog into the No. 4 slot.
12:08 FOXSports.com:  Matt is wondering ...

Where do you think most teams see Malcolm Jenkins, the corner for Ohio State, playing-corner or free safety?
12:08 Alex Marvez:  I think most teams have him projected as a cornerback, but I have my doubts about that.
12:08 Alex Marvez:  Jenkins played safety as a junior in passing situations but was used purely as a corner in 2008.
12:09 Alex Marvez:  

Questions about whether Jenkins is a tweener may push his stock down into the teens or even 20s in the first round.

12:09 FOXSports.com:  10 potential draft-day shockers
12:10 FOXSports.com:  Speaking of Mark Sanchez, there are millions of rumors out there. Kevin asks ...
How true are the rumors involving the Redskins trading up to take Mark Sanchez? How much would they have to give up to make such a deal happen?
12:10 Alex Marvez:  

We all know Redskins owner Daniel Snyder loves star players.

Who is the top quarterback in this year's draft class?
Matt Stafford
 ( 44% )
Mark Sanchez
 ( 32% )
Josh Freeman
 ( 6% )
None are first-rounders
 ( 18% )

12:10 Alex Marvez:  We know Sanchez had a private workout with the Redskins and, according to SI.com, was wined and dined by Snyder afterward.
12:11 Alex Marvez:  

We also know Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell may have a short shelf-life after being unsuccessfully dangled as trade bait with the Broncos for Jay Cutler.

12:12 Alex Marvez:  

That being said, the Redskins may be trying to create a smokescreen about Sanchez to entice a team with a quarterback need like the New York Jets to trade up for his services at No. 13.

12:12 [Comment From ChadnOC ]
Washington will use Brennan more often
12:12 Alex Marvez:  I don't think Sanchez will be there at No. 12 when the Redskins select.
12:12 [Comment From joe ]
is sanchez a good fit for washington
12:12 Alex Marvez:  Seattle (No. 4) and Cleveland (No. 5) are two possibilities.
12:13 [Comment From Guest ]
redskins select 13
12:13 FOXSports.com:  Plenty of trade rumors going on, as Alex has laid out here - http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/9477606/As-draft-looms,-watch-out-for-these-trades.

Bolt asks --
What will be the biggest draft-day trade in your opinion?
Which WR on the block would you trade for?
Anquan Boldin
 ( 75% )
Chad Ochocinco
 ( 4% )
Braylon Edwards
 ( 20% )

12:13 Alex Marvez:  

I think Kansas City will trade tight end Tony Gonzalez by draft day.

12:14 Alex Marvez:  

Atlanta is one possibility but there may be other interested suitors as well.

12:14 [Comment From Guest ]
used up TE isn't a big deal
12:14 Alex Marvez:  Arizona may finally deal the disgruntled Anquan Boldin.
12:14 Alex Marvez:  Baltimore seems like a good fit.
12:14 Alex Marvez:  The Ravens also may use tight end Todd Heap as part of their trade bait.
12:14 [Comment From schafer ]
tony go is far from washed up
12:15 Alex Marvez:  

And of course, we've got the possibility of Braylon Edwards being shipped from Cleveland to the New York Giants.

12:15 [Comment From Huff Humby ]
If Todd Heap could catch that would be a loss
12:15 Alex Marvez:  That may depend on whether the Browns can select Michael Crabtree with the No. 5 pick.
12:15 Alex Marvez:  At No. 4, Seattle may beat them to the punch.
12:16 FOXSports.com:  

The Chiefs are one team that is in midst of many trade rumors.

Ted asks...
What are the chances the Chiefs will trade the number 3 pick?

12:16 Alex Marvez:  I think the Chiefs would love to move out of the slot.
12:16 Alex Marvez:  Doing so won't be easy.
12:16 [Comment From Chris ]
Seattle already got TJ, why do they Crabtree too?
12:16 Alex Marvez:  

I figure the Lions take Stafford and St. Louis selects Baylor tackle Jason Smith at No. 2.

12:17 [Comment From howboutthemcowboyz ]
12:17 Alex Marvez:  If neither is still available, I don't know if any of the teams behind the Chiefs feel the need to leapfrog into the No. 3 position.
12:17 FOXSports.com:  

Andrew from Harrisburg wants to know if the Eagles are done dealing ...

"Do you think the Eagles may make a play for a big time receiver?"

12:17 [Comment From FnkyPhantom ]
More than likely, Crabs falls to Cleveland IF B. Edwards is shipped to New York
12:18 Alex Marvez:  The Eagles haven't dismissed the possibility.
12:18 [Comment From goclips ]
Marvez, I'm glad you suggest Lions take Stafford, that means they will take Jason Smith #1
What do you think the Eagles should do with their first-round pick?
Trade up for RB Moreno
 ( 14% )
Package the pick for WR Boldin
 ( 41% )
Sit tight, pick best player available
 ( 22% )
Trade out of weak first round
 ( 4% )
Who cares? They'll screw it up anyway
 ( 18% )

12:18 Alex Marvez:  

But in all likelihood, I think the Eagles address the wide receiver position through the draft.

12:19 FOXSports.com:  

FnkyPhantom asks,

Alex, This appears to be a pretty light draft for WR prospects (outside of Crabtree and maybe Maclin). Do you think that Crabtree would fall all the way to #10 and into the 49er's lap? Should they even consider a WR at this point? Thanks!

12:20 Alex Marvez:  

The only way I see Crabtree slipping is if teams have serious medical concerns about his foot.

12:20 [Comment From FnkyPhantom ]
You might be right. And I don't see the foot injury being a major blow to his draft status
12:20 Alex Marvez:  If he isn't taken by Seattle or Cleveland, I think Oakland and Jacksonville would be giving him a long look.
12:21 Alex Marvez:  I also can't discount Cincinnati at No. 6 giving Crabtree strong consideration.
12:21 Alex Marvez:  But I also think the Bengals will be selecting a tackle at No. 6 or Boston College DT B.J. Raji.
12:21 Alex Marvez:  That's a more pressing need -- especially with Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis today saying that Chad Ocho Cinco isn't going to get traded.
12:22 FOXSports.com:  One chatter is wondering...

"Why does it seem Rey Maualuga is falling so low in recent mocks?"
12:22 Alex Marvez:  A couple of reasons: He didn't score very well on his Wonderlic (I believe a 15 out of 50)
12:22 Alex Marvez:  That may scare off some teams.
12:22 FOXSports.com:  Scout 2009 Mock Draft
12:23 [Comment From FnkyPhantom ]
AND...Ray is not strong in coverage. An ILB at best. But hits like a truck
12:23 [Comment From HawkPride ]
He's already wearing Seahawks green baby! Join your bro tatupu
12:23 [Comment From Huff Humby ]
Didn't Ryan Fitzpatrick get an amazing score on the Wonderlic? Where is he now? Who is he now? I have no idea.
12:23 Alex Marvez:  

Plus, Maualuga is an inside linebacker.

12:23 [Comment From the anti-marv ]
Raji will be this years Gholston - bust
12:23 Alex Marvez:  That position sometimes doesn't get chosen until later in the first round/early second round.
12:24 [Comment From FnkyPhantom ]
Overall, this may be one of the weaker drafts in recent years
12:24 Alex Marvez:  I'm also not sure how good a fit Maualuga will be in a 3-4, which could also deter teams who play that system.
12:24 Alex Marvez:  That being said, I like the kid and think he will do well in the NFL.
12:24 FOXSports.com:  

With so much speculation on the worthiness of the spread QBs in the NFL, Eric wonders ...

"Will Chase Daniel be a Day One draftee?"

12:25 Alex Marvez:  No. In fact, Daniels might not get drafted until late in Day Two if at all.
12:26 Alex Marvez:  He's short (6-feet) and hasn't always been in the best physical condition at Missouri.
12:26 Alex Marvez:  Let's put it like this: In the draft preview book sent to me by the NFL, Daniels isn't listed among the top prospects.
12:26 FOXSports.com:  

Ken Beckner is wondering about Da Raidas ...

"Do you Al Davis will make a safe pick or take a flyer on a pure speed guy?"

12:26 Alex Marvez:  It's always tough to project what Al is going to do.
Which team will most likely screw up this year's draft?
 ( 34% )
 ( 11% )
 ( 6% )
 ( 16% )
 ( 32% )

12:27 Alex Marvez:  

Missouri WR Jeremy Maclin fits the bill for the speed guy.

12:27 Alex Marvez:  But the Raiders could be tempted to fill other holes besides wide receiver.
12:27 [Comment From FnkyPhantom ]
Al' is a speed freak....I see Maclin or Crabtree (if available) going to Oak-Town.
12:28 Alex Marvez:  I believe B.J. Raji, a tackle like Andre Smith or Michael Oher, or an outside pass-rusher like Texas' Brian Orakpo could all be enticing as well.
12:28 Alex Marvez:  Plus, if Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry drops that far, he may be too good to pass up at No. 7.
12:28 [Comment From howboutthemcowboyz ]
12:28 FOXSports.com:  Back to the USC linebackers for a minute, Mark Driscoll asks...

"What is the latest on Brian Cushing and the possible positive steriod use?"
12:28 [Comment From Scott ]
What good is a WR if they got no blocking for Russell
12:28 Alex Marvez:  All signs are that Cushing passed the testing without a problem.
12:29 Alex Marvez:  He also was one of the nine NFL players invited to attend the draft in New York City.
12:29 Alex Marvez:  The league wouldn't have invited him if there was a failed test.
12:29 Alex Marvez:  

Cushing may be the first USC linebacker off the board, followed by Clay Matthews and Rey Maualug.

12:30 Alex Marvez:  I would be surprised if one of those three LBs didn't end up in New Orleans with the No. 14 pick.
Which strategy makes more sense in Round 1?
Draft for specific need
 ( 42% )
Take best player available
 ( 58% )

12:30 FOXSports.com:  Here's a question about an interesting prospect -- Ferguson51 is curious ....

"What are the chances the Eagles take Pat White and let him play WR, HB, QB, etc?"
12:30 Alex Marvez:  White doesn't make sense to me in Philadelphia.
12:31 [Comment From Bill Knox ]
Why not Pat White
12:31 Alex Marvez:  The Eagles already have an heir apparent (or so they hope) for Donovan McNabb in Kevin Kolb.
12:31 [Comment From Ryan ]
White will end up in NE...
12:31 Alex Marvez:  There are no guarantees White can make the conversion to another position.
12:31 Alex Marvez:  

White has a lot of the intangibles needed to be a successful NFL quarterback.

12:31 [Comment From Ryan ]
White wants to be QB anyway...
12:32 [Comment From Rob Veale ]
but white definitely has potential as a wildcat player
12:32 Alex Marvez:  The key now is landing in the right system and getting some time to develop more of his skills as a passer going forward.
12:32 [Comment From Pat ]
NE had a guy named michael Bishop that was the same as white and did nothing
12:32 Alex Marvez:  For long-term success, White must become more than a "Wildcat" gimmick player.
12:33 [Comment From matt3794 ]
N.E. might pick Pat White
12:33 [Comment From rick ]
i think white would be a good pick for the lions at the end of the third round
12:33 [Comment From pinkshirtmarv ]
white will get drafted by the dolphins as a kicker
12:33 FOXSports.com:  

Pat wants to know...

"Do you feel Julius Peppers will be traded on draft day and to who?"

12:33 Alex Marvez:  

Peppers isn't going anywhere.

12:33 Alex Marvez:  He has big-time contract demands wherever he goes.
12:34 Alex Marvez:  I don't see anyone willing to offer the combination of a huge contract combined with major draft-pick compensartion to wrest Peppers away from Carolina.
12:34 [Comment From alan ]
but IF, where will he go
12:34 [Comment From Dan ]
You don't think anyone would be willing to pay him, Alex?
12:34 [Comment From Ryan ]
Isn't Peppers worth the big time contract?
12:34 Alex Marvez:  Ultimately, I see Peppers playing for his $16.6 million franchise tag in 2009 and then getting dealt in 2010 when there is no salary cap in place.
12:35 [Comment From Ryan ]
makes sense...
12:35 FOXSports.com:  Hey, there's another Alex with a different spelling ... Alyx wants to know...

"If teams refuse to negotiate with first 10 picks due to outrageous rookie contracts of the past, don't you think a rookie salary cap might be quicker to be installed?"
12:35 Alex Marvez:  

In the NFL, it doesn't work that way.

12:35 Alex Marvez:  There's a reason these teams are drafting in the Top 10.
Do you think the NFL should have a rookie salary cap?
 ( 96% )
 ( 4% )

12:35 Alex Marvez:  They're not very good.
12:35 Alex Marvez:  They need an infusion of talent.
12:35 Alex Marvez:  The draft provides that.
12:36 Alex Marvez:  I expect a rookie salary cap to get implemented but not before a new CBA is struck. That could take as long as 2011.
12:36 FOXSports.com:  HawkPride asks: Marvez: Who do you feel is the MOST overated player in the draft?
12:37 [Comment From HawkPride ]
I think Sanchez is the most overated player in the draft!
12:37 Alex Marvez:  Just because there is such a little body of work collegiately, I would have to say Mark Sanchez.
12:37 Alex Marvez:  

A team is taking a significant gamble drafting him early.

12:37 Alex Marvez:  

I know he has talent, but after only one season as a starter, I'm not convinced he can live up to the hype.

Who do you think is the most over-rated player in the draft
 ( 51% )
 ( 29% )
 ( 7% )
 ( 13% )

12:38 [Comment From HawkPride ]
Good to know I'm not alone. My stomach churns with the mock drafts that have the Seahawks taking Sanchez.
12:38 [Comment From HawkPride ]
Besides, USC had so much talent around him.
12:38 FOXSports.com:  Sounds like a Bucs fan is trying to figure out what's real and what's posturing ... Josh is wondering...

The Josh Freeman thing is a smokescreen out of Tampa Bay, isn't it?"
12:39 Alex Marvez:  I don't see the Bucs drafting a quarterback now that they gave Byron Leftwich a $2.5 million bonus to sign earlier this month.
12:39 Alex Marvez:  

I'm hearing the Bucs like Missouri DT Ziggy Hood at No. 19.

12:39 Alex Marvez:  Defensive tackle is a pressing need.
12:40 [Comment From Huff Humby ]
Josh Freeman won't be the only free man in Tampa Bay if hes darfted there. The Bucs HC will be looking for a job
12:40 Alex Marvez:  The Bucs are shifting defenses and need players with a different skill set from the cover-two system they used to run.
12:40 Alex Marvez:  When talking about overhyped players, I get a little of that same feeling about Freeman.
12:40 Alex Marvez:  In a deeper quarterback class, he might not be a first-round pick.
12:40 [Comment From MikePatt11 ]
Yea but they can find a decent OT in Round 2. I don't see Smith or Monroe as
12:40 [Comment From John ]
Freeman will go 2nd round
12:41 [Comment From classic17 ]
Freeman shouldn't even sniff Round 1
12:41 [Comment From nygiantsforthewin ]
Freeman should go to the Jets.
12:41 Alex Marvez:  In his defense, my buddy Gil Brandt says he's pretty sure Freeman will be a Top 15 pick and that he is drawing favorable comparisons to Daunte Culpepper coming out of college because of his size, mobility and arm strength.
12:41 [Comment From Kevin ]
Someone will trade back into rd 1 for Freeman
12:41 Alex Marvez:  Time will tell, right?
12:41 [Comment From trublu4life ]
Josh Freeman was dismantled by the Texas Tech defense...that should tell you everything right there.
12:41 [Comment From matt3794 ]
Freeman will take a few years to develop
12:41 FOXSports.com:  LoneStar is asking ...

"If Sam Bradford had come out of college do you think he would have been the top QB prospect?"
12:42 Alex Marvez:  

I think the order of QBs would change to Stafford at No. 1 and Bradford at No. 2 followed by Sanchez and Freeman.

12:42 [Comment From pinkshirtmarv ]
marvez, how come you haven't gotten hired as a GM so that you can draft for a team?
12:42 [Comment From Ryan ]
Sam Bradford is the best QB prospect in college right now.
12:42 [Comment From Harth ]
Sam Bradford = Graham Herrell
12:42 Alex Marvez:  I think Stafford has sick physical skills throwing the football.
12:43 Alex Marvez:  Bradford, though, is a probable Top Five pick in next year'sdraft.
12:43 [Comment From John ]
No brainer..... He is the best QB of recent years,
12:43 Alex Marvez:  It wasn't a bad decision for him to stay in school for his senior season.
12:43 [Comment From Ryan ]
Tim Tebow is the best QB prospect in college right now with Colt and Sam competing for 2nd...c'mon haters.
12:43 Alex Marvez:  Quarterbacks always benefit from extra seasoning, especially in a program as good as OU's.
12:43 [Comment From John ]
Very few QB's are worth where they are picked...its a crap shoot.
12:43 FOXSports.com:  Here's a question from Jerry Gao ...

"Who do you think is the most underrated running back in the draft?"
12:44 [Comment From CrazyHawk12 ]
Maybe some teams should have a "guest GM" to draft. Detroit anyone?
Which skill-position player would you MOST like to get on your team?
QB Matt Stafford
 ( 8% )
QB Matt Sanchez
 ( 3% )
RB Knowshon Moreno
 ( 19% )
RB Chris "Beanie" Wells
 ( 5% )
WR Michael Crabtree
 ( 51% )
WR Jeremy Maclin
 ( 12% )

12:44 Alex Marvez:  I think UConn's Donald Brown should be a first-round pick but he may go later.
12:44 [Comment From Kevin ]
Most underratted is Ian Johnson. the is flat out productive
12:44 Alex Marvez:  The guy is an all-around talent with a great head on his shoulders.
12:45 [Comment From Harth ]
Kid out of UConn...Donald Brown?
12:45 Alex Marvez:  I woul expect Knowshon Moreno and Chris Wells to be the first two running backs selected.
12:45 FOXSports.com:  CFN Draft Rankings: RBs
12:45 Alex Marvez:  New Orleans and Arizona have a pressing need at the position but may not spend first-round picks to address it.
12:45 [Comment From Kevin ]
Knowshon All Day
12:45 Alex Marvez:  I also think Philadelphia will be looking for a complement for Brian Westbrook.
12:46 FOXSports.com:  Dave Lanoir asks...

"What do you think about Ramses Bardin? Potential BIG time sleeper receiver I believe. First year impact player?"
12:46 [Comment From Buck_Wild ]
What are the chances the Colts will trade Manning for a slice of cheese pizza?
12:47 Alex Marvez:  

Barden is intriguing because of his measurables.

12:47 [Comment From Spaghetti Armed Accountan ]
Philly needs a back too. they lost Buckhalter and Westbrook is getting older
12:47 Alex Marvez:  He's 6-6, 228 and ran a 4.55 at the combine.
12:47 [Comment From CrazyHawk12 ]
They'll hold out for Pepperoni Buck.
12:47 Alex Marvez:  That being said, he played at Cal-Poly Nowhere on the Division II level.
12:48 Alex Marvez:  He is probably a two- or three-year project.
12:48 [Comment From FRANCE ]
move barden to linebacker
12:48 Alex Marvez:  That may push him into the second day of the draft.
12:48 [Comment From Dave ]
I agree, I see him going somewhere in the 3rd round.
12:48 FOXSports.com:  Tony asks about a recent trade request ...

"Does Philly trade Sheldon Brown and try to move up?"
12:48 Alex Marvez:  Philly will not trade Sheldon Brown.
12:48 Alex Marvez:  They will give him the Lito Sheppard treatment.
12:48 [Comment From Ryan ]
Philly won't trade Brown because of his public comments.
12:48 Alex Marvez:  Keep him around for another season and then trade him elsewhere if the right offer comes along.
12:49 Alex Marvez:  Brown would have been better off keeping quiet publically about his contract situation.
12:49 [Comment From Dan ]
Can't blame him for being frustrated.
12:49 FOXSports.com:  

Keep em coming, everyone ... Great questions and comments!

12:49 Alex Marvez:  The Eagles, though, sound hypocritical for ripping Brown for his contract demands after just acquiring a player (Jason Peters) who talked his way out of Buffalo doing the exact same thing.
12:49 FOXSports.com:  Another chatter wonders ...

"What about Connor Barwin? does being a potential twoway player increase his draft stock, especially to a team like the Pats?"
12:50 Alex Marvez:  I don't think Barwin will be a two-way player in the NFL.
12:50 Alex Marvez:  While he's a talented tight end prospect, Barwin knows there is much more money to be made as an outside pass-rusher.
12:50 Alex Marvez:  

He is very intriguing. Has a good mean streak and athleticism.

12:51 Alex Marvez:  The comparisons to Mike Vrabel are apt.
12:51 [Comment From Ryan ]
Barwin needs to choose a side in the NFL but it is great from an overall athletic stand point.
12:51 Alex Marvez:  I project him as a late first-round pick.
12:51 Alex Marvez:  I think Miami would be very interested if he were still available.
12:51 FOXSports.com:  Larry wants to know 'bout dem Cowboys ...

"What options do the Cowboys have in the second round?"
12:52 Alex Marvez:  

Upgrading the secondary at safety should be a priority.

12:52 Alex Marvez:  Cowboys also need a quarterback to develop behind Tony Romo.
12:52 [Comment From the anti-marv ]
cowboy options...pray
12:52 FOXSports.com:  CFN Draft Rankings: QBs
12:52 Alex Marvez:  They haven't drafted one since Quincy Carter.
12:52 [Comment From Bob Gao ]
a safety would be good for the cowboys
12:52 [Comment From Spaghetti Armed Accountan ]
Dallas is going to win the Superbowl this year. I'll be there.
12:52 Alex Marvez:  Wide receiver also could get a look-see if there is still good talent available.
12:53 [Comment From jenn ]
Cowboys need to win a playoff game first.
12:53 [Comment From Nick ]
Cowboys don't have a chance, Roy Williams is a fluke.
12:53 [Comment From Ryan ]
Wow...SB without TO...Hmmm. And Tony Romosimpson at QB.
12:53 FOXSports.com:  

Jack] wants to know...

"Any chance the Bills package extra picks to go 10 and 11 in draft?"

12:53 Alex Marvez:  Bills won't move up.
12:54 Alex Marvez:  Team has a history of not wanting to pay Top 10 money for unproven draft picks.
12:54 [Comment From Bob Gao ]
there's no chance for the Bills to move up
12:54 Alex Marvez:  

My feeling is the Bills believe a tackle or pass rusher they like will still be available at No. 11.

12:54 [Comment From Jarrod ]
Bills will be happy with Maybin or Brown
12:55 [Comment From Greg ]
i disagree is say if oher or smith doesnt fall they try to trade out
12:55 [Comment From nygiantsforthewin ]
Michael Johnson.
12:55 Alex Marvez:  Here's a link to a story I wrote yesterday about options the Bills could have at tackle to replace Jason Peters:
12:55 FOXSports.com:  We only have time for one or two more questions ...
12:56 FOXSports.com:  Garrett is trying to assess his team's value...

"What can the 49ers get for dealing the 10th pick to say the NY Jets?"
Which team will most likely screw up this year's draft?
 ( 31% )
 ( 9% )
 ( 3% )
 ( 12% )
 ( 44% )

12:57 Alex Marvez:  According to at least one draft trade chart that gives point values to picks, the Jets would have to surrender a second-round pick to make that leap.
12:57 [Comment From Ryan ]
JETS need Sanchez for Seattle will take him at #4 and it makes more sense for Seattle and Sanchez.
12:58 Alex Marvez:  

If the 49ers keep the pick, top options are a pass rusher or tackle.

12:58 [Comment From Garrett ]
Cool. Thanks Alex!
12:58 Alex Marvez:  They also need help at safey and wide receiver but I would bet they will wait until later in the draft to address those positions.
12:58 [Comment From Gunner49 ]
exactly what the Bills want!!
12:59 FOXSports.com:  

Whew, Alex, thanks so much for breaking down the draft today for us!

12:59 FOXSports.com:  Alex is now heading over to do his SIRIUS radio gig for the next two hours, so give a listen if you can.
1:00 FOXSports.com:  And for everyone out there, thanks so much for joining us for today's NFL Draft chat.
1:00 FOXSports.com:  Stay linked to FOXSports.com for future chats coming your way...
1:01 [Comment From Dave ]
Great job!! thanks
1:01 [Comment From Bob Gao ]
Thank You!


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