NASCAR NATION: Sadler's money man is on the spot

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One of 's team members is on the spot every day. He's the eyes, ears and business mind who gets Sadler around both on and off the track. I'm Brett Griffin, business manager for and spotter for the M&M's Ford Taurus. Twenty-seven-year-old Brett Griffin keeps a watchful eye on racing sensation as his spotter oat the race track and his business manager on and off the track. Griffin is perched high atop the track for every practice session, but the pressure multiplies when the green flag flies. "The biggest thing about being a spotter is you've got to make a decision on a moment's notice," Griffin said. "Once the race gets going, you don't really have time to think about pressure. You're concentrating on watching the car, watching his back and helping him see things that he otherwise may not be able to see. "It's one of those deals where he trusts that I'm telling him the right thing at the right time, and so far, it's worked out really good." Trust is a big part of the driver and spotter relationship. Griffin and Sadler have built that trust over the five years they've been working together. "He knows when I get rattled or not," Sadler said. "He knows what to say to calm me down. I trust him 100 percent." Sadler also trusts his spotter to direct his racing business, Enterprises. "I manage all of our day-to-day business, which includes all contracts with various sponsors," Griffin said. "(I'm a) liaison between all of our sponsors and the teams and Enterprises." When it comes to the bottom line, Sadler tells his eye in the sky, "'Hey, take care of it. Do what you've got to do, and just let me know what the final result is.'" He's in 100 percent control of it, and he's doing a great job with it." Before Griffin, of Pageland S.C., started working directly for Sadler, he worked as his public relations representative for two years. Before that, he used to dance. He and a buddy started a dance troupe. Their biggest gig -- or his 15 minutes of fame before this -- was when he opened up for pop group TLC. There is an army coming. It¿s an army of thousands, and they are constantly on the move. The troops are made up of men, women and children from every walk of life and every corner of the continent. They are big and small, short and tall, black and white. But most of all, they are fast ... very, very fast. It's NASCAR Nation, and it is invading your living room. profiles the people who make up the NASCAR experience and the towns that they represent. "Man, we have got them all," says . "A lot of people think that this garage is full of people from the South and nowhere else. No way. We've got folks from all over the place."

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