Mailbag: Glaze on Skins' issues; Jake Delhomme

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Jay Glazer

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After another wild journey this summer in his Glaze Across America camp tour (see for yourself), the NFL's top insider Jay Glazer is neck-deep in NFL scoopage. Here's Jay's latest mailbag hit, as he fields a few NFL questions — plus gives the inside info on his buddy Chuck Liddell's appearance on Dancing With the Stars. To send Jay a question, either: A) Click the Glaze Across America page, then submit your name and question/comment in the Fan Forum section. B) "Tweet" a question or comment to Jay via his running Twitter page at Twitter.com (jay_glazer).

Field (mail)box

QUESTION — Kevin Berry from Springfield, Va. on the Redskins: "How long do you think before Jim Zorn is fired and Jason Campbell benched? I say by Week 4 and I see a (if lucky) 3-13 season."
Jay Glazer: Firing Zorn isn't the answer ... right now, at least. It makes much better sense then to clean house at the end of the year. Right now, the Redskins need a bonafide personnel guru/GM there. Right now, Dan Snyder is the GM and Vinny Cerrato is their personnel guy there. That's not working. I tell you what their biggest mistake was. They never should have fired former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. There was friction there between Cerrato and Williams, mostly from Cerrato towards Williams. Here's the thing, the team made a mistake in the original hiring of Zorn in the first place. Williams wanted to stay in Washington (Williams was defensive coordinator from 2004-07), he wanted that job and wanted to be a company guy. But my sources tell me it was Cerrato who didn't want that. Here's a guy that defenses have always played extremely well under. I've had so many players over the years tell me that they didn't like playing against the Redskins, and it was because of Williams and his defense. In fact, I know that Jim Fassel also told the Redskins that in his own job interview when both were candidates in early 2008. Obviously, Daniel Snyder and company will have their pick of the type of guys Snyder likes this offseason — big-name guys with big-league resumes. But I just hope that whomever he picks — whether it's a Mike Holmgren or a Mike Shanahan type — they also bring in a strong personnel man. In my opinion, that was Shanahan's downfall in Denver when he carried both titles, and remember that even Holmgren was stripped of his GM duties in Seattle. The Redskins need a strong coach, but also need that strong personnel guy along with him. I don't think they'd be in this position if they had gone with the obvious choice. QUESTION — Ben Moreland from Finksburg, Md., on the Bengals: "I'm tired of people giving me crap being a Bengal fan and all. I am trying to tell them that the Bengals stand a chance at going 9-7 this year and have the ability to gain respect back. Do you think that the Bengals can pull this off and what do you think Marvin Lewis' future will hold?" Jay Glazer: I think they can pull it off, though it's a do-or-die year for Marvin Lewis. He's made some key adjustments, and having both Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco fully healthy has made a huge difference. But the biggest thing has been keeping people together in the locker room. I'm being told that Chad is being the total choirboy, which is huge. And hey, maybe it was a good thing about Hard Knocks covering Bengals training camp this summer. Frankly, with the cameras being there every day, the coaches didn't want to be seen letting guys slide here or there, where maybe they did in the past. They wanted the world to see them in certain way. They wanted to crack the whip and get on guys, and obviously they did that. QUESTION — Pantherman from Hampton Roads, NC, on Jake Delhomme "What are your honest thoughts on the Panthers quarterback and their future with his nack for finding receivers on the opposing teams? What in the world was the team's front office thinking when they signed him to a lucrative contract in the offseason?" Jay Glazer: I don't know about the extension honestly, but the problems in Carolina — I just know that it's not all Jake. Even last week, Steve Smith himself admitted after the game that he broke off the route that Dallas picked for a TD on Monday night ... and it happens A LOT MORE than people realize.
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People inside that organization love Jake. Wanna know why? Look at Monday night, even after the game he refused to point a finger at Smith or anyone else — saying it was his fault and taking it all upon himself. A lot of quarterbacks in this league refuse to do that. Here's a story that sums it up best: One year Smith and DeAngelo Hall (then with rival Atlanta) were getting after it on TV, a lot of trash talk back and forth that was being picked up everywhere. We were all sitting there in the locker room, and Jake went over to the TV and turned it off, and said firmly, "My guy does NOT need to be incited. Let's get this off NOW. We're here to talk about football here, not this crap." My thing is, here's a guy who is the definitive leader in that locker room and he takes care of his guys. Believe me, other WRs have given Jake issues running wrong routes, it wasn't just this one time. But you wouldn't know it. Here's the thing about Jake, he's not an elite passer — and they know that in Carolina — and he needs and feeds off the running game. That's one of the things they're lacking, they need a great running game. So after the 12-4 season last year and the division title, the Panthers decided to resign him to be a game manager. They look at him as a leader. When the ground game is going right, he can get it done. Now I will say this, I don't understand the extension though — especially the timing, because the team didn't have to do it then ... and I never got a straight answer from the team on it. But it appears the organization wanted to reward Jake for his loyalty, which is something you don't see a lot these days. QUESTION — Roy from Colfax, Ca., on the 49ers "Hi Jay, in your honest opinion how do you feel the 49ers will do this year? Can they win their division or is it so-so ball again?" Jay Glazer: I think they're going to be legitimate. But let's also see how they respond to such a devastating loss last week in Minnesota. Let's see if they take it as just a loss and are able to move on or not. What they do have out there is a good, aggressive young defense and one of best RBs in the NFL in Frank Gore. But what they also have is a QB in Shaun Hill that might be anonymous to most fans, but he definitely has that swagger of a guy who can lead the troops. He's the real deal in that locker room already, believe me. QUESTION — Nancy L from Green Valley, Ariz., on the Chargers "How long before they finally cut Norv loose? He is a walking disaster. It is obvious that he didn't (and doesn't) have this team ready to play. I have been a Charger fan for 45 long-suffering years and every year we think it will be the one." Jay Glazer: We go through this every year, and every year lately at playoff time the Chargers step it up. I don't think it's time to panic at this point. Hang in there, Nancy

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QUESTION — Atorre210 on the Broncos: "What do you think about the broncos winning the AFC WEST this season?" Jay Glazer: Actually, almost everybody was writing them off back in training camp. But I really thought they'd be better than what they were being given credit for. I knew Mike Nolan would upgrade them defensively. I loved the Knowshon Moreno draft pick, plus they have very good WR corps. And while people were dumping all over Kyle Orton for not being Jay Cutler, one thing about Orton is that he may not light up the scoreboard, but he won't lose it for you, either. I didn't think they'd be un-competitive. I'm not as surprised as everybody else.

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QUESTION — kassimosgood on the UFC: "tell @danawhiteufc that SD needs a UFC!!! Quit hating on us and make it happen. Or do you not have any pull in that circle? Lol!" Jay Glazer: Drive your lazy ass up to LA later on this month!

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