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Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock writes about the sports world from every angle, including those other writers can't imagine or muster courage to address. His columns are humorous, thought-provoking, agenda-free, honest and unpredictable. E-mail him, follow his Twitter or become a fan of Jason Whitlock on Facebook.

Shying away from controversy isn't the Big Man's style. Replay the chat to see Whitlock's responses to questions about Serena's underachievement on the court, McNair's failure as a father, and much much more that will have your mind racing and tongue wagging.
Real Talk with Jason Whitlock(07/09/2009) 
12:51 FOXSports.com:  The live event will be beginning in about 10 minutes. While we wait for Jason Whitlock to join, please feel free to start submitting your comments and questions!
1:01 Jason Whitlock:  i'm here.
1:01 Jason Whitlock:  ready to rock and roll
1:01 [Comment From MacInFL ]
Hey Jason, whats your opinion on this Lebron video scandal?
1:02 Jason Whitlock:  i think it's a bad look for lebron... so what he got dunked on. he looks weak ducking this whole issue. nike is too paranoid. lebron isn't God.. he's not michael jackson. so what a college kid flushed on him.
1:02 [Comment From Paula-Bahamas ]
Why do Americans hate the Williams sisters? They don't get any respect
1:03 Jason Whitlock:  they get plenty of respect. that's just not true... people don't like the williams sisters because their dad is in-your-face... and because serena is a poor loser and pretty arrogant.
1:04 [Comment From superbo11 ]
just curious if you think your Mcnair article was a little harsh. Granted Mcnair was not a great husband obviously. He was still a pretty good parent to his kids. Not a deadbeat dad
1:05 Jason Whitlock:  "a pretty good parent" is a very relative statement.... you can't maintain two households. it can't be done. you can't run around with a 20-year old all night and still handle your bizness at home... maybe compared to a deadbeat dad, mcnair was great.... but the reality is once you have kids you have a higher calling than serving your penis... don't have kids if you don't want the responsibility that goes along with them.
1:06 [Comment From Guest ]
jason, love ya work. How do you feel about people's reaction to your column about steve mcnair.
1:06 Jason Whitlock:  i write strong opinions. people are going to have strong reactions.
1:06 [Comment From Brad Coverstone ]
Who do you think you are judging McNair? You're far from perfect
1:06 Jason Whitlock:  if you read my columns semi-regularly then you know i'm very willing to admit that i'm totally imperfect.
1:07 [Comment From Neil ]
I loved you on Dan Patrick Show yesterday. Do you do any other radio work consistently?
1:09 Jason Whitlock:  not consistently. i fill in for jim rome when he's on vacation. i'll be hosting jim's radio show tomorrow.... i used to host my own radio show in kansas city for eight years. but right now i'm not doing radio anywhere full time. i like radio and am very good at it... but the executives who run radio are very clueless
1:10 [Comment From JOHN REILLY ]
1:11 Jason Whitlock:  i cried like a baby during the michael memorial. i'm a huge michael jackson fan. i don't believe any of the allegations. none of them. michael was an angel who tried to show us how to love each other despite our racial and ethnic differences. i thought magic and kobe did great jobs.
1:11 [Comment From terryinmuncie ]
Jason- speaking of M Jackson...Do you think the tributes were a bit much?
1:12 Jason Whitlock:  im hoping for a michael jackson national holiday. we could use it as a day of celebrating and socializing across cultural lines. people could invite their "work" friends over to their homes, stuff like that.
1:13 [Comment From KC ]
Blubber? Grazing? Are you serious? Is that what professional writing is all about?
1:14 Jason Whitlock:  i have to entertain and write in a way that people talk. .. too much writing is way to high brow for me. i grew up on mike royko and a conversational style of writing.
1:15 [Comment From Sam in Dallas ]
Do you think that Mechelle McNair will ever speak publicly about what was happening inside their marriage or that we will ever know what caused the events leading up to the murder suicide?
1:16 Jason Whitlock:  i hope she never talks but i'm pretty sure she will. people can't say no to the tv camera. she'll probably do 60 minutes.
1:16 [Comment From Patrick ]
Why do you people use the internet to voice their displeasure about you? Have you always been this open and honest?
1:17 Jason Whitlock:  i think i've always been open and honest. people voice their displeasure with me because it is their right.
1:17 [Comment From KC ]
Why didn't you replace the word "Serena" with "Shaq"? Is it because you'd get your butt kicked? Of maybe you wouldnt be invited to those parties anymore? Maybe losing that precious access?
1:18 Jason Whitlock:  i've been critical of shaq... i ripped this move to cleveland as the act of a 40-year-old groupie making a last ditch effort to leech on to an in his-prime superstar.
1:18 [Comment From Guest ]
so why do you think Vick got far worse punihment then Stallworth?
1:19 Jason Whitlock:  vick deal was a publicity stunt by the prosecutor... and i'm not saying vick is a victim. he's a victim of his own stupidity. but it is ridiculous that vick is gonna do more time than stallworth. just ridiculous.
1:20 [Comment From Guest ]
Kobe..Artest?? What do you think about that?
1:20 Jason Whitlock:  phil handled dennis rodman. jordan handled dennis rodman. phil and kobe will handle ron artest. artest is very sane compared to rodman.
1:21 [Comment From Devil Dog ]
Jason, Since you are a man of truth. What is your opinion of blacks love affair with Micheal Jackson. I am a white male and have always held the opinion that Micheal was ashamed to be black.
1:22 Jason Whitlock:  i believe michael had a skin condition. i don't think he was ashamed of being black.... i love michael because he and the jackson 5 were a HUGE part of my childhood memories. i love michael's music and the message behind his music. michael jackson brought us all together and i respect and appreciate that.
1:23 FOXSports.com:  We're scrolling through a lot of comments and questions right now, so thanks for your patience. We'll try to get to as many as we can!
1:24 [Comment From Guest ]
when controversial decisions or events occur how do you distinguish between the those that are or are not racially related?
1:25 Jason Whitlock:  not sure if i completely understand your question... but i just write what i believe are the real issues. and i write about issues that i'm passionate about. i'm passionate about different cultures and races understanding each other and having enlightening dialogue...
1:25 [Comment From Elrick ]
yep, he had a skin condition alright...and a nose condition....and a hair condition...and a.......
1:26 Jason Whitlock:  i didn't say michael wasn't crazy... fame drives you crazy.Laughing
1:26 [Comment From dennis p ]
shaq is not a good for cleveland becousa he slow down the king, the king need somebody can run with him like morion
1:27 Jason Whitlock:  i think shaq is gonna flop in cleveland. he'll get a burger for the king before he gets a ring..... and i like shaq
1:27 [Comment From Tim ]
Continue - Nuggets need a sharp, focused shooting forward - who, maybe...what do you think Jason?
1:28 Jason Whitlock:  tim, they have carmelo.... the nuggets need better point guard play. don't fall for the hype on mr. bad shot.... if he played smart, the nuggets would've beat the lakers
1:28 [Comment From Will i AM ]
So Jason , what this about you and the Beckies , been there , done that and won't repeat that
1:29 Jason Whitlock:  no comment
1:29 [Comment From waters ]
Do you really believe what you say or do you say it to get a reaction?
1:29 Jason Whitlock:  of course i believe what i say.
1:30 [Comment From Montana Mike ]
I am curious as to how you got into the whole commentary game... I enjoy your work... agree sometimes, sometimes am a polar opposite.
1:31 Jason Whitlock:  i studied journalism at ball state university.... i grew up reading legendary chicago columnist mike royko. he is my role model... ralph wiley was my mentor the last 10 years of his life. those are my influences... and david simon, the creator of the wire.
1:31 [Comment From stv4primus ]
Jason- Did you get any flack from Serena's camp (reps, etc..) about your editorial on her
1:31 Jason Whitlock:  serena has bigger fish to fry than little old me...
1:32 [Comment From Louie Novak ]
Jason, what are your opinions on how the state of the newspaper industry today and the direction sports journalism is heading?
1:32 Jason Whitlock:  newspapers are in big trouble... they're too afraid to write the kind of stories people want today. too worried about pissing off their 70-year-old readers... the readers advertisers have no interest in.
1:33 [Comment From GW ]
What belief system (if any) do you adhere to? It would give some insight as to who you really are.
1:33 Jason Whitlock:  you'd have to know joyce and jimmy whitlock to understand my belief system.
1:34 [Comment From AJo ]
Your article on Dirk's lady was classic and perfect example of entertainment. If ppl want boring, unoriginal writing go read ESPN or listen to Joe Buck.
1:35 Jason Whitlock:  thank you. i'm glad you get it... i try to do a mix of serious commentary and entertaining commentary.... i'm really glad most people get it.
1:35 [Comment From Daniel Roque ]
Jason do you think that the tradegy of Mcnair will affect his Hall of Fame votes. Good article about him by the way.
1:36 Jason Whitlock:  mcnair was a very good player. but he was not a hall of famer.
1:36 [Comment From Jim ]
I miss you on the Sports Reporters. What happened? Any chance you'll be on again?
1:38 Jason Whitlock:  google jason whitlock and mike lupica..that will explain me and the sports reporters.... that show is not a good platform for me... it's set up for mike lupica and mitch albom to pontificate about stuff they know nothing about. they don't follow or care about the sports world. the show is stale. that's not sour grapes. i enjoyed my time on the show. but the show is far from cutting edge. i was out of place.
1:38 [Comment From Alex ]
How does a arrogant talking head like Joe Buck getting his own show?
1:39 Jason Whitlock:  joe buck is a talent.... can he carry a show? that's the question.
1:39 [Comment From Bigeia ]
I have heard talk about the Indiana Pacers need blacken up their roster because 50% of thier players are white in a league that is 87% black. If this logic applies and teams need to have 87% african americans on their roster to be equal; shouldn't the league mandate a 50% black and 50% white roster so everyone is happy?
1:41 Jason Whitlock:  ask a legitimate question.... i like larry bird. don't think he's bigoted.... not sure he's a good GM though. i'm a lifelong pacers fan. i just wanna win and i don't care if the whole roster is white or black. just get me some Ws and get jamaal tinsley off the payroll and i'm happy
1:41 [Comment From Guest ]
why dont to address all comments and question-skeered?
1:41 Jason Whitlock:  there are about 10,000 people in this chat. if i ansswered every question, we'd be here for a month or two
1:42 [Comment From Patrick ]
Do you hate been black
1:42 Jason Whitlock:  no. quite the opposite. i love being black.
1:42 [Comment From Nonsense ]
Would you let your kids spend the night at Michael Jackson's house?
1:43 Jason Whitlock:  yes... i don't believe the allegations.
1:44 [Comment From DC Steve ]
I think your an arrogant uncle Tom who has found a niche in the market. You like to feed off of white males anger that these athletes make a lot of money and are not acting in a moral way
1:45 Jason Whitlock:  steve, i'll put you in the group of white men who think i hate white people. you have a right to your opinion.
1:45 [Comment From DMTIII ]
What are your boys at Ball State going to do this year in football?
1:46 Jason Whitlock:  i'm still upset about brady hoke leaving for san diego state. and i'm not upset with brady about it... i'm upset with the ball state administration that forced it to happen. you won't hear me pimping my boys this year. i'm taking the year off to simmer down.
1:46 [Comment From Guest ]
What make you an authority on body image? I believe Serena is in perfect shape
1:47 Jason Whitlock:  

if you had my body, you'd be an expert, too.

1:47 [Comment From Chitown BON ]
Jim Brown's comments about Tiger.....your thoughts?
1:47 Jason Whitlock:  i wrote a column about this
1:47 [Comment From fr ]
some might call you the al sharpton of sports what do you say to those people
1:48 Jason Whitlock:  tell em to join steve in DC and have a jason whitlock hates black and white people support group..
1:49 [Comment From el ]
No Comment? what is that??? Terrible, I thought you werent afraid of answering the tough questions
1:49 Jason Whitlock:  no comment
1:49 [Comment From Guest ]
Hey Whitlock, why is everyone always ragging on you?
1:50 Jason Whitlock:  nothing better to do i guess... seriously, it goes with the territory of writing strong opinions...you're going to get a strong reaction. it's all good. i get A LOT of support. about 5,000 people emailed after my mcnair column. most of the response was very positive.
1:50 [Comment From Tec-in-CO ]
Jason, if you were single or if you are single who would you mack on Serena or Venus?
1:51 Jason Whitlock:  Serena. she's fire. we'd both go on a diet. venus is strong too... but serena is fire.
1:52 [Comment From Go Gators ]
Is Tiger Woods past his prime? IMO I think he is done. He will win one or two more and thats it. What do you think?
1:52 Jason Whitlock:  this is a ridiculous statement. tiger will win 10 more majors.
1:52 [Comment From Kristina ]
I fell out when you called Chad Johnson a "bojangler" and Favre a "Mississippi hickey". I forward all of your articles to my guy friends and we get together and laugh hysterically over them. Keep up the good work my friend!
1:54 Jason Whitlock:  thanks, kristina... this will sound terrible, but i fall out reading some of my stuff, too... i've written two of my favorite lines of all time this week... The Captain and casting... and the stuffed onion is a booty so round and tight that it makes your eyes water.....
1:55 [Comment From Israel Laker4Life ]
Jason what are you doing in Kansas?? don't you think you carrer could blow up if you moved to a bigger city?? What are you scared of?
1:58 Jason Whitlock:  i'm not scared of anything. i like being in the midwest. i like proving that you don't have to be on the coasts to have an impact. i think it speaks to the power of my words that i could be in kansas city and make the entire country respond to my perspective. maybe it's arrogance on my part... the other reality is that no one has ever put the right deal in front of me. people on the coasts are very arrogant and think the world begins and ends with them. it doesn't. i have an original perspective. it has value. i'm not moving just to do some dumb stuff that some network has offered. i've turned down plenty. but not out of fear.
1:58 FOXSports.com:  We have so many great questions we'd like to get to, but we're running out of time. Jason has graciously allowed us to run into overtime to take just a few more ...
1:58 [Comment From ramona122969 ]
Does it bother you that some don't understand your sarcasim or street talk. I get that impression when I read some of the comments.
2:00 Jason Whitlock:  i'm not for everyone to understand... and you can't get caught up in the comments. those are just anonymous people saying dumb stuff... the emails i get represent reality... 14,000 people coming to this chat represent reality. i scan the comments after my stories... but i read my emails. there's a night and day difference. a lot of people get what i do.
2:01 [Comment From Bobby Flo ]
are you serious about a michael jackson holiday? he was definitely influential and talented but is no way worthy of a holiday.
2:01 Jason Whitlock:  i'm dead serious about a jackson holiday... we need it. we need something to get us to occasionally abandon our segregated lives.
2:02 [Comment From Randy ]
Hey Whitlock, I suspected you were a coward and so far you provr me right. You are only posting the cushy cuddly stuff. Why is that? And when will you apologize to the McNair family for that article you wrote without any facts.
2:02 Jason Whitlock:  Hi Randy... It worked. You got me to post your question. There won't be an apology.
2:03 [Comment From GT ]
can you name one topic you wrote passionately about and later realized you were totally wrong in your thinking and writing?
2:03 Jason Whitlock:  look in my archives. i wrote an entire column apologizing about something i wrote. it was in the last 3 or 4 months...
2:04 [Comment From Byron from BSU ]
Jason, Are you going to write a book on race and sports anytime this century? Something that chronicles the past, present and future for people of color in sports. And Sports Reporters really is hard to stomach without you.
2:04 Jason Whitlock:  i'm going to write a book about my career in the media and these issues will be addressed.
2:05 [Comment From enquring mind ]
What do you think has started the most uproar over your opinion?
2:07 Jason Whitlock:  that's easy... the column i wrote about don imus-rutgers basketball..... there have been others but nothing touches imus....
1. imus...

then, my defense of the dream team basketball team led by allen iverson, charlie weis columns, black kkk, nba all-star weekend las vegas....
2:07 FOXSports.com:  We're still taking a few more questions -- thanks for your patience as we filter through!
2:08 [Comment From Mike ]
Jason, heard you on Rome couple of months ago when you had the genius David Simon on for an hour.....that was amazing. Also heard the podcast of you and Simmons talking about the wire. Pretty good too. My question is, what is your favorite season and why?
2:09 Jason Whitlock:  great question. and i'm hosting rome's radio show tomorrow... my favorite season is either no 1 or 3 or 4... can't really decide.
2:10 [Comment From greg ]
Do you have any theories as to why the grammar in these chat sessions is always so horrible?
2:10 Jason Whitlock:  dude, lighten up. it's like texting and there are now 16,000 of us in here. we don't need the grammar police... we're just trying to communicate with each other as quickly as possible.
2:11 [Comment From Greg Nice ]
Is it me, or has the steroid talk died down when it was discovered Roger Clemens AKA the great white hope was just as guilty if not more so than Barry Bonds? Your thoughts?
2:12 Jason Whitlock:  greg, this is pretty much what got me booted off the sports reporters. my insistence that it was more than just barry bonds.
2:12 [Comment From Guest ]
who picks these questions?
2:12 Jason Whitlock:  i do
2:12 [Comment From ramona122969 ]
2:12 Jason Whitlock:  false.
2:13 [Comment From Royals Fan ]
is this sports talk or race relations - come on!
2:13 Jason Whitlock:  take the gun away from your head. you're now free to leave. i'm sorry you were forced in here.
2:13 [Comment From bigmaninchicago ]
Have you ever seen serena in person? They say TV adds weight
2:14 Jason Whitlock:  yep, we were at the same epsy party years ago...she looked awesome...
2:15 [Comment From Mark K. ]
Why do you still blame Stan "Ron Jeremy" Van Gundy for the Magic losing? Clearly Kobe and the gang outplayed Superman and his Superfriends. Red Auerbach couldn't have coached them!
2:16 Jason Whitlock:  stan van dumby blew game 4 (i believe) when he kept skip to my lou on the freaking bench... and left jameer nelson on the court for 20 straight minutes. i can't stand van dumby.
2:16 [Comment From Guest ]
Did you mean what you said about Title IX and dismantling it to give the money to support young black men at college? Isn't that sexist?
2:17 Jason Whitlock:  the current welfare system for "olympic sports" is unamerican. and yes, i meant it.
2:17 [Comment From Bo ]
Why the image stuff with Serea but all the love for Michael Jackson?
2:18 Jason Whitlock:  micahel jackson reached his potential as an artist. serena isn't reaching her potential.
2:18 [Comment From Z in IN ]
JW: What have you found to be the most difficult aspect of your journalism?
2:18 Jason Whitlock:  trying to explaining what i do to people who just don't get it...
2:19 [Comment From Daytona_Bleeds_Green ]
Jason...I think it was too soon to publish that article about McNair...why didn't you wait at least a week or so out of respect for the family...what are your thoughts on that?
2:20 Jason Whitlock:  i disagree. i wanted to write it while people are talking about the issue... i wish you could see the e-mails i've received from fathers thanking me. i'm talking about fathers who said they had lost their way and were glad that i reminded them to get on their damn JOBS.... the article was perfectly timed.
2:20 [Comment From TaShonda ]
Mr. Whitlock, how long have you been a writer? I agree with your article on Serena I do believe she has the potential to be the best womens tennis player ever but she is lazy and not very motivated. And I believe that talking about how great a father is to his kids is a touchy subject no matter who you are talking about.
2:21 Jason Whitlock:  serena should be the best tennis player ever. not just female tennis player..... i graduated college in may of 2003... i've been writing since then. i'm 28 now.
2:23 FOXSports.com:  We're getting close to 20,000 in the chat room, and Jason would really like to break 20,000! Call your friends ... and hang on for a few more questions!
2:23 [Comment From Kevin in KC ]
Ha! Liar
2:24 Jason Whitlock:  see, i hate it when kansas city people come here and bust me out.
2:25 [Comment From skip to my whitlock ]
dude you look older then 28
2:25 Jason Whitlock:  turn 29 next week.
2:26 [Comment From steve ]
are you afraid that you will be stereotyped as a "race only" writer?
2:26 Jason Whitlock:  is peter king afraid of being stereotyped an nfl writer only? .... think about it... my work speaks for itself. i write about a lot of stuff... but i have an expertise when it comes to race.
2:27 [Comment From Tommy ]
Do you think race & gender issues in sports will ever go away? It really would be nice to just hear about how talented that person is...
2:28 Jason Whitlock:  race and gender have been issues since the beginning of time. i don't think they're going anywhere.
2:28 [Comment From LeeH ]
Women grunting in Tennis; over the top or sexy? Or both?
2:29 Jason Whitlock:  both
2:29 [Comment From Chris ]
Settle this once and for all.....are golfers "athletes"??
2:29 Jason Whitlock:  athletes
2:29 [Comment From Jimm I ]
Is Ana Kornakova (sp) reaching her potential because she's blond and blue eyed and a hottie?
2:30 Jason Whitlock:  kournikova has been shredded for years for failing to reach her potential on the court. what's your point?
2:30 [Comment From Levi ]
With that article about McNair are you trying to say he is a bad person?
2:31 Jason Whitlock:  

like you and me, mcnair was a flawed person.

2:31 [Comment From Nate ]
Enjoy your stuff!!! Thanks for going after Serena Roberts!!! It's nice to read something that isn't always trying to be politically correct.
2:31 Jason Whitlock:  thanks, nate.... we just went to 21,000.... nice!!!
2:32 [Comment From Guest ]
How come these live chats don't happen more often? There really neat.
2:32 Jason Whitlock:  my boss is against them. i try to write three or four columns a week but he's always telling me to hold back and do as little work as possible.
2:33 [Comment From mink ]
do you think JIm Rome is the best national sports talk radio host?
2:33 Jason Whitlock:  yes, i don't think there's much debate about this.
2:33 [Comment From Big Mac ]
What is your expertise?
2:34 Jason Whitlock:  eating.
2:34 [Comment From Jacob ]
Jason, what do you think about Senator Hatch opening an investigation into the BCS?
2:34 Jason Whitlock:  publicity stunt... college football doesn't need a playoff.
2:34 [Comment From Robert ]
Has a crazy reader ever confronted you on the street?
2:36 Jason Whitlock:  readers confront me at bars. it's why i don't really like sports bars... a guy gets liguored up and he wants to take over your entire evening. you can't really talk with the friends you came with because some drunk dude wants to spend 30 minutes questioning you about everything.
2:37 [Comment From snarkleton ]
Jason, if Serena were single, and asked you out for dinner and movie, would u go?
2:37 Jason Whitlock:  of course.
2:38 [Comment From Mark Jones ]
You condemn McNair as a father then you say Richard Williams is too in your face. Yet he has been there every step of the way for his kids. Obviously in both instances you dont know what you are talking about!
2:39 Jason Whitlock:  mark, reading is fundamental. comprehension is difficult.... someone asked me why people had a problem with the williams sisters... i said because their dad is in-your-face..
2:39 [Comment From Chris Martini ]
Do you ever think that maybe you are 28 and when you get to be an older, wider...I mean, wiser black man that you will regret some of the sewage that has come out of your mouth?
2:41 Jason Whitlock:  Chris, I was joking about being 28.... Do you think you'll be less clueless when you grow up? .... I'm sorry. I shouldn't get upset. I'm NOT 28.... a woman asked the question and I lied. it was a joke.
2:42 [Comment From Raider4Life ]
"i graduated college in may of 2003... i've been writing since then. i'm 28 now." and I'm the guy who dunked on Lebron LOL
2:42 Jason Whitlock:  there's a thing called wikipedia.org and google that will answer all your questions about me... i'm glad you got the joke.
2:43 FOXSports.com:  OK, everybody -- thanks for your continued patience. we're going to keep taking questions for another 15 minutes. We appreciate Jason taking the time and also all of you coming to join us!
2:44 [Comment From Chase ]
What made you decide to be a Sports Writer? What were your favorite teams and players growing up?
2:46 Jason Whitlock:  i grew up reading the newspaper as a kid.. my favorite team was the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Rams... my favorite players were Darnell Hillman, Alex English, Billy Knight, Magic Johnson and Reggie Miller.... Lawrence McCutchen and Jack Reynolds in football....
2:46 [Comment From reggie, tampa,fl ]
jason, what would be your definition of a good sports journalist/writer?
2:46 Jason Whitlock:  someone who afflicts the comfortable.
2:47 [Comment From ct ]
why are you always angry
2:47 Jason Whitlock:  i'm actually quite happy.
2:47 [Comment From Christine ]
If I asked you out for dinner would you go?
2:47 Jason Whitlock:  lol
2:48 [Comment From Scott K. ]
Do you think Serena is not a gracious winner?
2:48 Jason Whitlock:  serena is not a gracious winner or loser.
2:48 [Comment From Meghan ]
You are not even talking sports really...even in your articles.
2:49 Jason Whitlock:  take the gun away from your head. you are no longer forced to read my columns.
2:49 [Comment From stephan ]
do you think that because you write about serious issues, that ppl can't get the fact that you're actually a comedic writer most of the time
2:50 Jason Whitlock:  i'm not a comedic writer most of the time... i'm a serious writer who uses comedy to entertain....
2:50 [Comment From ar ]
how long did it take you to land a job after college
2:51 Jason Whitlock:  probably three months... but it was for a whopping $5 an hour and it was part time... five years of college for a job that wouldn't pay for my mcdonald's habit.... we just cracked 25k... very nice... call your friends and lets go to 30k!!!!!
2:51 [Comment From james bailey ]
I disagree with everything you write. For one you're clueless on most subjects, and your comments don't deserve to be published. Question, are you an athlete? Your comments are just opinions. Why not talk to a real athlete. James
2:52 Jason Whitlock:  hey james. i'm glad you read though... i used to be an athlete... i played college football at ball state. sorry we disagree so much.
2:52 [Comment From dominator4life ]
Better sports writer: Ralph Wiley or Jeff George?
2:53 Jason Whitlock:  jeff george... if you could've read jeff's eighth-grade english papers you wouldn't even ask such a silly question..
2:54 [Comment From Glenn Cincinnati ]
Does it make you unconfortable when white people treat you like you are or should be the voice of Black America when you are just one of 38 million black folks in this country?
2:55 Jason Whitlock:  i don't get the sense that white folks think i should be the voice of black america... only after certain columns do they feel this way. other times they feel just the opposite. just depends on the column with me.
2:56 [Comment From Hakim from Brooklyn ]
Do you think that people knew that Scoop Jackson dad was a newspaper writer and the hood thing is just to get on TV?
2:56 Jason Whitlock:  scoop has calmed down quite a bit
2:57 [Comment From Shane ]
Do you ever have days when you just don't know what to write about?
2:57 Jason Whitlock:  

i don't write on those days.

2:57 FOXSports.com:  Two minutes left, guys, time for one or two more!
2:57 [Comment From Guest ]
if you where not a writer what would you be doing?
2:58 Jason Whitlock:  DJ at Spearmint Rhino....
2:58 [Comment From David ]
Can you name a few people in sports that you truly respect? Thanks.
2:59 Jason Whitlock:  the list is really long and it's probably a lot of people you've heard me criticize.... Jim Brown is at the top of my list...
3:02 Jason Whitlock:  OK, I'm pooped and have to poop.... We ended up at 27,000 and I'd stay until 30K if you people would work the phone lines and emails and facebook... but you're lazy..... Seriously, I'll be hosting Jim Rome's Radio show on Friday. Check me out... And don't sleep on Krizz Kaliko's CD out July 14. It's the best hip hop CD since Outkast... google Krizz Kaliko and Jason Whitlock and read the story I just wrote on Krizz Kaliko..... Tech N9ne!!!!!
3:03 Jason Whitlock:  One love! One glove! Later gators.
3:03 FOXSports.com:  Thanks, Jason. Let's do this again soon ...

And thanks for everyone who came out to participate!
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