Indianapolis 500 race chat recap

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FOXSports.com motorsports editor Jorge A. Mondaca will be chatting live throughout the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, May 24. Got any questions or comments? Join the conversation below.
Indianapolis 500 race chat(05/24/2009) 

4:36 Jorge A. Mondaca:  This is the end of today's live chat. Stick with FOXSports.com for further analysis from the Indianapolis 500 and coverage of the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race later this afternoon
4:35 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Helio is climbing the fennce - his team is joining him

4:34 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Alex Tagliani, Tomas Scheckter, Alex Lloyd, Scott Sharp and Ryan Briscoe are 11th-15th place finishers

4:33 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Ed Carpenter, Paul Tracy and Hideki Mutoh round out the top 10
4:33 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Castroneves, Dan Wheldon, Danica Patrick, Townsend Bell and Will Power are your top five

4:33 Jorge A. Mondaca:  This is the Brazilian driver's third Indianapolis 500 victory.
4:32 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Helio is closing in on his third career Indianapolis 500 win

4:32 Jorge A. Mondaca:  WHITE FLAG
4:31 Jorge A. Mondaca:  CAstroneves, Wheldon, Patrick, Bell, Power - top five
4:31 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Two to go - Castroneves leader
4:30 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Three to go - Castroneves continues to lead - up to 2.31 seconds
4:30 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Castroneves is the quickest of the top five.

4:30 Jorge A. Mondaca:  FOUR TO GO
4:29 Jorge A. Mondaca:  The gap is up to 1.9987 seconds between Castroneves and Dan Wheldon
4:29 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Five laps to go - Helio Castroneves leads
4:28 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Danica Patrick is actually faster than Helio - but not by much.
4:28 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Castroneves' lead is up to 1.6447 seconds with 7 laps to go
4:27 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Nobody is catching up to Castroneves - with eight laps to go
4:26 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Castroneves, Wheldon, Patrick, Bell and Power with 10 to go
4:26 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

10 TO GO

4:25 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Vitor Meira has been transported to a local hospital
4:24 Jorge A. Mondaca:  11 laps to go - Castroneves by 1.3 seconds over Wheldon
4:24 [Comment From Randy ]
Castroneves, has clean air.
4:23 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Wheldon is holding off PAtrick for 2nd - but they are losing distance to Castroneves
4:23 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Castroneves is pulling away
4:23 Jorge A. Mondaca:  15 Laps to go
4:22 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Lap 184 - Castroneves has 1.4 second lead

4:21 Jorge A. Mondaca:  CAstroneves pulls away as Wheldon battles Patrick for 2nd
4:21 Jorge A. Mondaca:  GREEN FLAG - LAP 183
4:20 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Lap 182 - one lap to green
4:20 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Briscoe was the only car to pit ... teams will try to stretch out their fuel after all.
4:19 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Top 10 on Lap 181: Castroneves, Wheldon, Patrick, Power, Bell, Dixon, Franchitti, Carpenter, Tracy and Mutoh
4:17 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Former winners Castroneves and Wheldon are 1-2, but Danica Patrick is third.

4:17 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Briscoe is on pit road now.
4:17 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Here's the top five as of Lap 179 - Helio Castroneves, Ryan Briscoe, Dan Wheldon, Danica Patrick and Will Power.
4:16 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Pits are open now on Lap 179 - let's see if teams that talked about pitting actually do.

4:15 [Comment From joe ]
What leaders are pitting?
4:15 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Vitor Meira was alert but complaining of pain after that crash.

4:12 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Some leaders are choosing to pit

4:12 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Matos is walking under his own power to the ambulance
4:11 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Both drivers are out of their cars. Not sure on the status however.
4:10 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Two-time former Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves leads under caution - there are 24 laps remaining
4:08 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Matos and Meira were battling for position coming down the frontstretch, they made contact going into the turn and they both hit the wall. Meira rides along the wall sideways - another scary crash.
4:07 Jorge A. Mondaca:  What a shame, so close to the finish. Matos refueled right before the restart, so he was hoping to gamble and win
4:06 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Vitor Meira is involved, so is Raphael Matos
4:06 Jorge A. Mondaca:  BIG CRASH
4:06 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Second place Ryan Briscoe will not be able to finish without refueling - so he is not a contender for the win unless things change.
4:04 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Helio has a 0.2 second lead over teammate Ryan Briscoe
4:04 Jorge A. Mondaca:  30 to go
4:03 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Will Power up to fifth, Dario Franchitti up to eighth
4:01 Jorge A. Mondaca:  GREEN FLAG - LAP 167
4:00 Jorge A. Mondaca:  I said it was the last round of pit stops - but I don't think everybody will make it on fuel
4:00 Jorge A. Mondaca:  35 laps to go
3:58 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Here's the lineup after the pit stops

Top five - Helio Castroneves, Ryan Briscoe, Dan Wheldon, Danica Patrick, Townsend Bell

6-10 - Will Power, Scott Dixon, Ed Carpenter, DArio Franchitti, Mike Conway

11-15 - Paul Tracy, Hideki Mutoh, Alex Tagliani, Sarah Fisher, Scott Sharp

16-20 - Tomas Scheckter, Raphael Matos, Alex Lloyd, AJ Foyt IV, Vitor Meira
3:56 Jorge A. Mondaca:  *fourth
3:56 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Danica Patrick up to four
3:56 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Will Power had a problem during his stop. Right rear issue.
3:56 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Race off pit road - Castroneves is first but Briscoe jumps to second.

3:54 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Top 10 before the final round of pits - Helio Castroneves, Will Power, Scott Dixon, Dan Wheldon, Townsend Bell, Danica Patrick, Ed Carpenter, Ryan Briscoe, Dario Franchitti and Paul Tracy
3:52 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Justin Wilson tags the wall
3:52 Jorge A. Mondaca:  CRASH - CAUTION NO. 7
3:51 Jorge A. Mondaca:  40 laps to go
3:51 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Danica Patrick, Ed Carpenter, Ryan Briscoe, Dario Franchitti and Paul Tracy are the rest of the top 10
3:50 Jorge A. Mondaca:  42 laps remaining - Helio has a half second lead on teammate Will Power. Scott Dixon, Dan Wheldon and Townsend Bell round out the top five.
3:49 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Will Power takes over 2nd - Scott Dixon just got out of the way going into Turn 1 on Lap 156
3:48 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Ryan Briscoe up to eighth - Dario Franchitti up to ninth - Paul Tracy down to 10th
3:47 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Dario Franchitti is up to 10th now - 47 laps remaining
3:46 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Helio Castroneves leads, but teammate Will Power (3rd) is the quickest car on the track right now.
3:45 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Ed Carpenter and Danica Patrick passed Paul Tracy the last lap - the Canadian is down to eighth and falling

3:44 Jorge A. Mondaca:  50 Laps to go!
3:43 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

For all you Danica Patrick fans, she is up to eighth

3:43 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Former race leader Dario Franchitti is down to 12th after his pit road mishap.
3:43 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Scott Dixon, Will Power, Dan Wheldon and Townsend Bell round out the top five behind Castroneves with the laps winding down.
3:42 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Helio Castroneves leads on Lap 147 of 200 by over half a second
3:42 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Ryan Briscoe has been told to get behind Danica Patrick - there was a problem on the restart causing this.
3:41 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Townsend Bell takes over fifth from Paul Tracy
3:39 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Wheldon passes Paul Tracy for fourth!
3:38 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Helio Castroneves passes Scott Dixon for the lead!
3:38 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

GREEN FLAG - Lap 141 - Top 10 - Scott Dixon, Helio Castroneves, Will Power, Paul Tracy, Dan Wheldon, Townsend Bell, Ed Carpenter, Dario Franchitti, Danica Patrick and Ryan Briscoe.

11-18: Alex Tagliani, Hideki Mutoh, Mike Conway, John Andretti, Sarah Fisher, Justin Wilson, Scott Sharp, S=Tomas Scheckter.

3:36 [Comment From Mike ]
Check out Paul Tracy.......Go Paul!
3:34 Jorge A. Mondaca:  This is caution No. 6
3:33 [Comment From Tinker ]
Is that 6 or 7 yellows today
3:33 Jorge A. Mondaca:  21 cars remain on lead lap - nine cars are out of the race.
3:31 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Teams will have to stop at least once more before the end of today's race, so expect pit road errors to be a topic of discussion next time.
3:30 [Comment From Randy ]
Thank God for safety.
3:30 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Here's the top 10 after the round of pit stops: Scott Dixon, Helio Castroneves, Will Power, Paul Tracy, Dan Wheldon, Townsend Bell, Ed Carpenter, Dario Franchitti, Danica Patrick and Ryan Briscoe
3:29 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Vitor Meira will continue on though - amazing.
3:29 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Big fire for the No. 14 car ... they doused it off quickly, but that was very scary.
3:28 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Vitor Meira also had issues - they had a fire in the pits.
3:28 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Big Problem for Dario Franchitti - fuel hose was stuck!
3:27 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Scott Dixon led the field in...
3:27 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

33 laps since the last round of pit stops, so the field is coming in now.

3:27 Jorge A. Mondaca:  The accident was a single-car incident.
3:25 Jorge A. Mondaca:  excuse me - Nelson Philippe - not Phelippe
3:24 Jorge A. Mondaca:  CAUTION! Debris - Nelson Phelippe brushes the wall.
3:24 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Will Power, Helio Castroneves, Raphael Matos, Townsend Bell, Dan Wheldon, Ed Carpenter, Paul Tracy and Danica Patrick.
3:23 [Comment From eric ]
who in the top tem
3:23 [Comment From Garnett ]
Tagliani as a rookie is doing well in 11th with all the drama of his getting a spot on the grid.
3:22 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Scott Dixon leads with 70 laps remaining - pit stops are coming soon.
3:19 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Helio is fourth - right behind teammate Will Power
3:18 [Comment From Chevyladyatwork ]
how is Helio doing?
3:18 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Scott Dixon is looking stout - he certainly wants to win two in a row.
3:17 Jorge A. Mondaca:  HAHAHAHAH - nice one!
3:17 [Comment From watchinginmex. ]
How do they determine which driver eats wall in Turn 3 w/ 25 to go so that we have a dramatic, crowd pleasing , made for t.v. "Trophy Dash" for checker ??
3:17 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Danica Patrick - 10th; Sarah Fisher - 16th; Milka Duno - 24th (one lap down)
3:16 [Comment From Indygirlatwork:-( ]
how are the three female racers doing?
3:15 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Scott Dixon finishes Lap 120 - 80 laps remaining.
Which previous Indy 500 winner will win?
Helio Castroneves
 ( 39% )
Scott Dixon
 ( 29% )
Dario Franchitti
 ( 6% )
Dan Wheldon
 ( 1% )
 ( 24% )

3:14 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Yes Claude, they are (much to the chagrin of many)
3:14 [Comment From Claude ]
Are the three golf holes in the infield closed during the race?
3:12 [Comment From Dave ]
Sarah Fisher up to 16th. Go Sarah
3:11 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Paul Tracy is ninth, with Danica Patrick in 10th
3:11 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Former winner Dan Wheldon is up to sixth
3:11 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Dixon and Franchitti have opened up over half a second on the rest of the field.

3:10 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

23 cars remain on lead lap with 89 laps remaining

3:09 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Teammates Dixon and Franchitti are nose to tail and pulling away from the pack.
3:08 Jorge A. Mondaca:  GREEN FLAG - Lap 108
3:06 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Scott Dixon about to lead the field to the green flag.

3:06 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Fuel problems have forced Oriol Servia out of the race.

3:05 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Bob - This track owes him, it'd be great if he won. But realistically, he hasn't worked his way higher up than ninth all day long.
3:04 [Comment From Bob09 ]
I see Paul Tracy is in the top ten - what's your take on his chances?
3:01 Jorge A. Mondaca:  For those not watching, Randy is alluding to Danica sliding through her pit box, which is why she lost four spots during that last stop.
3:01 [Comment From Randy ]
Danica ,Danica ,Danica, THINK!!!!
3:00 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Target Chip Ganassi Racing can breathe easy - they decided to pit just in case either of their cars picked up debris. Guess what? Race leader Scott Dixon had a big piece of debris in one of his tires which would have ended his day had he not pitted. If they go on to win this race, remember this moment.
2:59 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Here's how they will restart: Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Will Power, Raphael Matos, Helio Castroneves, Dan Wheldon, Townsend Bell, Paul Tracy, Ed Carpenter and Danica Patrick.
2:58 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Whitesnake - the easiest way to explain it is this - there are timing censors throughout pit road. Pit road speed is 60 mph and cars must maintain that speed until the very end of pit road. The order is established once you leave pit road (the final white line after the last pit box)
2:57 [Comment From whitesnake87 ]
Jorge A. How do they monitor who is in lead and the position of the other drivers, especially after the drivers make their pit stops, remember pits stops being staggered (each driver stop at pit at different times or certain laps, so if the leader stops does'nt that put a new leader in the race and everyone else that did not pit stop move up?? I mean It kind look confusing as I'm watching on TV, but its probably clearer in person. Please explain. thanks
2:55 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Andretti Green Racing has two drivers left who are capable of winning today: Danica Patrick (10th) and Hideki Mutoh (20th)
2:54 [Comment From SpeedDemon ]
Andretti green Racing done for day?
2:54 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Oh by the way, this is officially halfway - Lap 100 of 200
2:53 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Power took fuel only - which is why he jumped up a few spots.
2:53 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Coming out of the pits: Dixon, Franchitti, Will Power, Matos and Castroneves.
2:52 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Scott Dixon leads the field into the pits.
2:52 [Comment From Randy ]
A big THANK YOU to safety engineering.
2:52 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Tough day for Andretti Green Racing. Marco Andretti was part of a crash early and now Tony Kanaan is out. Kanaan's streak of leading every Indianapolis 500 he has been is over in his eighth year.
2:51 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Kanaan may be the best driver in the field right now who hasn't won the Indianapolis 500. He will have to wait another year.
2:50 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Single car accident for Tony Kanaan. What a shame.
2:50 [Comment From mn ]
who else was involed
2:50 [Comment From SpeedDemon ]
Damn my man Kanaan is out he just has no luck at indy?
2:50 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Something seems to have broken on Kanaan's car. He was running along the backstretch when suddenly his car snapped and he hit the wall hard!
2:49 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Tony made big impact - but he is safely out of the car
2:48 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

CAUTION NO. 5 Big Crash - Tony Kanaan is out!

2:47 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

We are about to reach halfway at the Indianapolis 500

2:46 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Sorry - as I was watching the Paul Tracy pass I missed that Scott Dixon is in the lead on Lap 94
2:46 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Scoundrel - three females are in today's field - and all three are still running - Danica Patrick (7th), Sarah Fisher (20th) and Milka Duno (26th)
2:45 [Comment From Scoundrel ]
How many females are in the field today???
2:45 [Comment From john furnis ]
way to go bigO
2:44 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Oriol Servia just passed Paul Tracy for 10th in Turn 3

2:42 Jorge A. Mondaca:  GREEN FLAG - Lap 90
2:41 Jorge A. Mondaca:  The Target Chip Ganassi cars are best so far ... but the Penske cars have looked good and the Andretti Green Racing camp is lurking.
2:41 [Comment From sam ]
whose got the best car at this point?
2:41 [Comment From Mike ]
It would be very hard to go 500 miles on 22 Gallons on gas!!!
2:38 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Sorry Dwayne - that's 22 gallons per pit stop - that's how big their fuel tanks are.

2:38 [Comment From dwayne ]
22gallons for the whole race
2:37 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Here's how they will line up after hte pit stops: Dario Franchitti, Scott Dixon, Tony Kanaan, Helio Castroneves, Raphael Matos (rookie), Will Power, Danica Patrick, Dan Wheldon, Townsend Bell and Paul Tracy.
2:36 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

22 gallons

2:36 [Comment From dwayne ]
how much fuel does each driver get
2:36 [Comment From Old schooler ]
What part of "there's no grip up high in turns three and four" don't these guys understand?
2:35 Jorge A. Mondaca:  What a race off pit road! Dario Franchitti comes out as the leader, followed by Dixon, Castroneves.
2:33 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Pit stops are coming - Scott Dixon leads field in.
2:33 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

The oldest driver in the field is done for the day.

2:32 Jorge A. Mondaca:  To go back to the Hamilton accident - he got up too high and simply lost it.
2:32 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Sorry L.Jo - there are three Penske Racing drivers in the field and they are all running - Helio Castroneves (fifth), Will Power (sixth) and Ryan Briscoe (24th - one lap down)

2:31 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

CAUTION NO. 4 - Davey Hamilton hits the wall! his day is over.

2:30 [Comment From L.Jo ]
Who are the driver's for Penske? Are there any of those drivers still in the race?
2:29 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Lap 80 - A clear sign that experience matters in this race - the four past race winners (Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Helio Castroneves and Dan Wheldon) are in the top eight right now.

2:28 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Marco can't win this race, but if he picks up more points, it will help him in the championship.

2:27 [Comment From Rmore ]
Jorge: Why would M. Andretti go back to the race with no chance of a win?
2:27 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

James - yes he is - 59 laps down, but btwo behind 31st place Ryan Hunter-Reay who is now out of the race.

2:26 [Comment From james ]
is marco andretti back on trhe track?
2:25 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Brad - a few drivers have really strong cars, but it certainly looks like it's the Target Chip Ganassi Racing boys - Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti - who have the best machines, especially after both Penske cars up front (Castroneves and Briscoe) have had issues.
2:24 [Comment From Brad ]
Who looks to have the best car right now?
2:22 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Matos drives for Luczo Dragon Racing - an offshoot of Penske Racing.
2:21 [Comment From fish ]
who's Matos race for?
2:21 [Comment From Old schooler ]
It's way too early in the race to have all the jockeying going on. These guys need to settle down.
2:20 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Lap 67 Top five - Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Tony Kanaan, Raphael Matos (Rookie), and Danica Patrick
2:19 Jorge A. Mondaca:  It has gotten really hairy since the restart - but cars are settling down now.
2:18 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Briscoe is in the pits!
2:18 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Stults - out of 200 laps

2:18 [Comment From Stults ]
63 out of?
2:18 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Big problems for Ryan Briscoe - he lost the lead almost right after the green flag. Scott Dixon takes hte lead and Ryan Briscoe is down to ninth.
2:17 Jorge A. Mondaca:  GREEN FLAG - LAP 63
2:16 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Here's how they will line up: Ryan Briscoe, Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Tony Kanaan, Helio Castroneves, Raphael Matos, Danica Patrick, Will Power, Dan Wheldon and Ed Carpenter (Top 10)
2:15 Jorge A. Mondaca:  And here's one of Hunter-Reay's crash
2:14 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Here's a look at the crash at the start of the race

2:13 Jorge A. Mondaca:  John Andretti is up to 23rd
2:12 [Comment From no tv ]
where is john andreretti running
2:12 [Comment From Rmore ]
Troy Ruttman record of the youngest driver to win Indy- is safe for one more year
2:12 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Justin Wilson had a spin on pit road - very scary as crew members were all over pit road. Everybody is safe though.
2:10 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Ryan Briscoe comes in as the leader, Dario frnachitti, Scott Dixon, Helio Castroneves and Tony Kanaan are your top five.
2:10 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Pits are open now - and a lot of drivers are running on fumes, so the pits will be busy.

2:10 [Comment From truenascarfan ]
this is some race so far...Go Danica and helio!!!!!!
2:09 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Yes it is SpeedDemon - Turn 4
2:09 [Comment From SpeedDemon ]
Isn't that the same corner that Ryan Hunter-Rheys crashed?
2:09 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Glad you could join us IndyGirl! Danica is up to ninth.

2:09 [Comment From Indygirlatwork :-( ]
I can't stream from work. How is Danica doing?
2:08 [Comment From Frank ]
It's one big TV ad with a splah if racing, you made the race suck more than ever, show the same stupid TV ad over and over and over and over and over!
2:08 [Comment From Rmore ]
2 of the biggest stars out already---marco and now graham
2:08 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Rahal was in top 10 all day long, so this is definitely a car that was in contention for the win.
2:07 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Graham lost it in Turn 4 and hits the wall hard. Didn't make any contact with anybody, just lost it.
2:06 [Comment From Don ]
2:06 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Lap 56 - Graham Rahal hits the wall and his day is over!
2:06 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Graham Rahal!
2:06 Jorge A. Mondaca:  CAUTION NO. 3
2:04 [Comment From Don ]
Mutoh moving up thru the field, turnling laps in the 219 range...
2:04 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

They are finding their pace, but trying to make moves too --- speaking of, Ryan Briscoe just took the lead.

2:03 [Comment From SpeedDemon ]
everybody is playing it safe right now and trying to find a good pace?
2:03 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Robert Doornbos hit the wall a few seconds ago - but he is still chugging along. Great save on his part though, his hit could have been a lot worse.
2:02 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Troy Ruttman was 22 when he won in the 1950s ... Graham Rahal would claim that title though if he won today.
2:01 [Comment From Rmore ]
Who is the youngest driver to win the Indy Race?
2:01 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Lap 49 - Dario Franchitti continues to lead, but the rest of the "red cars" are right behind him - Ryan Briscoe, Scott Dixon and Helio Castroneves. Graham Rahal in fifth and Tony Kanaan are the last two cars in teh lead pack. Behind them, Raphael Matos, Will Power, Danica Patrick and Paul Tracy round out the top 10.

1:59 Jorge A. Mondaca:  No Mark, they won't. They will race in the rain at the road courses, but not ovals (and square ovals, which is what Indianapolis Motor Speedway really is)
1:58 [Comment From Mark ]
Wiil they continue racing with rain
1:58 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Andy, thanks for the question. So far, the main thing that surprised me is that more cars haven't wrecked out --- I expected one big crash early like what happened earlier, but I imagined it'd be three or four cars involved. Of course, I am very surprised that Marco Andretti is out, I had him as one of my prerace favorites.
1:57 [Comment From AndyofTroy ]
It's early, but has anything surprised you about the race so far? (besides the crash)
1:57 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Leaders are running around 217-218 mph right now. In qualifying, they were up to 223s

1:56 [Comment From larry ]
average speeds?
1:56 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Gotten a few weather questions -- so far the rain is staying at bay, but there is a 30% chance of rain all day long. Let's hope we get a full race in.
1:55 [Comment From Vegas ]
Are we forcasted for good weather throughout the race?
1:53 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Dario has almost half a second on second place Ryan Briscoe. Once again though, the top six have opened a gap on the rest of the field.
1:53 [Comment From Mark ]
Whats the gap between the leaders?
1:52 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Rmore - welcome. We are 36 laps into today's 200 lap event. Former Indy winner Dario Franchitti is leading and Danica is back down to 11th.
1:52 [Comment From Rmore ]
I just got in from Church- how many drivers are left? What place is Danica?
1:51 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Really? 10% - she'll have to get past the "red cars" -- and theya re good! (four of them are leading right now)
1:51 [Comment From smitty ]
what do you believe her chances are, really?
1:50 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Very true Dave
1:50 [Comment From Dave ]
As long as she can keep her emotions in check
1:49 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Smitty - she races extremely well here at Indy (three top-10s in four starts) and she has great equipment.
1:49 [Comment From smitty ]
How can anyone give Danica a realistic chance of winning today?
1:47 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

I would love to see Will Power race well today - he was a loyal soldier and jumped in to help Penske Racing while Helio Castroneves was dealing with his legal issues. He has the car to win, he certainly could (but he remains a darkhorse pick)

1:46 [Comment From Guest ]
How do you think Will Power will do??
1:46 Jorge A. Mondaca:  GREEN FLAG - LAP 28
1:45 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

One more lap to green flag racing

1:44 [Comment From John Ruszin Jr ]
Marco Andretti's comments about hte crash was nothing but a crybaby brat throwing a tantrum. I realize it wasn't Marco's fault but does he think the other driver did it on purpose?GROW UP MARCO!!!
1:44 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Indy - Indy car veteran Oriol Servia drives for Rahal Letterman Racing
1:44 [Comment From indywannabe ]
Who runs for Letterman Rahal racing
1:43 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

That said, the "red cars" - Target Chip Ganassi Racing and Penske Racing - look awfully tough this year.

1:43 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Stephieee (hope I got that right): They lost one of their big guns early with Marco out - but I think both Danica and Tony Kanaan are very capable of winning this race. Hideki Mutoh? That's a tough one, but a top-10 is very possible for him.
1:42 [Comment From stephieee ]
how do you think andretti green is going to do?
1:42 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Here's how they will restart: Dario Franchitti, Ryan Briscoe, Helio Castroneves, Scott Dixon, Graham Rahal, Tony Kanaan, Raphael Matos, Will Power, Danica Patrick, Paul Tracy
1:40 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Paul Tracy will be racing a few more times this season - both the Canadian races
1:40 [Comment From john furnis ]
p.t. what a surprise, this is his only race isn't it
1:39 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Welcome Gale - cautions come out whenever there is a crash or there is debris on the racetrack.
1:39 [Comment From gale carlsen ]
why do they have cautions? My first time watching a race
1:39 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Blazing quick pit stops - six and seven seconds apiece. Franchitti still leads, Briscoe up one spot and Danica Patrick moves up to ninth
1:38 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Pits open - and everybody is coming in now.
1:37 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Two cautions so far - and three drivers out of the race - Mario Moraes, Marco Andretti and Ryan Hunter-Reay
1:37 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Lap 22 (under caution) - Top 10: Dario Franchitti, Helio Castroneves, Ryan Briscoe, Scott Dixon, Tony Kanaan, Graham Rahal, Will Power, Raphael Matos, Vitor Meira and Paul Tracy
1:36 [Comment From SDoerscher ]
He just plain lost it. Too high with a tight car.
1:35 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Don't really buy Hunter-Reay's explanation - he was up high, had nothing to do with Foyt slowing (to me at least)
1:35 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Ryan Hunter-Reay hits the wall. A.J. Foyt IV slowed up in Turn 4, Hunter-Reay couldn't slow down in time and he hits the inside wall right before the pits.
1:34 Jorge A. Mondaca:  CAUTION No. 2
1:32 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Christie - Vitor is up to ninth (he started 14th)
1:32 [Comment From christie ]
I am sitting in the airport in Indy and get no coverge here...is a driver named Vitor Meira still in the race?
1:31 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Dario Franchitti is certainly setting the pace early at Indy.

1:31 [Comment From foyt fan racing ]
hi everyone
Which female driver will finish best?
Milka Duno
 ( 3% )
Sarah Fisher
 ( 12% )
Danica Patrick
 ( 85% )

1:29 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Ed - Danica is up to 11th, Sarah Fisher is 23rd and Milka Duno is 29th
1:29 [Comment From Ed ]
how are the ladies doing?
1:28 [Comment From JHugs ]
Marco Andretti was a dope, why didn't he slow down, and Morales ought to fire his spotter
1:28 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Nah, Waldo - cooler heads prevailed (for now at least)
1:28 [Comment From Waldo ]
What's happening in the Andretti pit area.......a fight?
1:27 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Lap 10 - Top six drivers have opened a gap on the rest of the field - Dario Franchitti leads the pack
1:26 Jorge A. Mondaca:  No no Dave, just most comments are pro Marco right now so I usually pick what most people are talking about ... no hard feelings
1:25 [Comment From Dave ]
I guess if you don't agree with Marco you don't get posted.
1:25 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Dario Franchitti takes the lead going into Turn 1!
1:24 Jorge A. Mondaca:  GREEN FLAG - Lap 6
1:24 [Comment From Bob San Diego ]
hope Marco beats him up
Who was at fault for the first crash?
Marco Andretti
 ( 10% )
Mario Moraes
 ( 63% )
 ( 8% )
Neither -- that's just racing
 ( 19% )

1:23 Jorge A. Mondaca:  No Hogie -- just two cars
1:22 [Comment From Hogie ]
Was anyone else involved besides Marco and Moraes ?
1:22 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Mario Moraes is walking towards Marco Andretti's pit ... obviously officials will have to get in between these two
1:20 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Marco on Moraes: "The kid doesn't get it, he never will"
1:20 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Yes they are, Danica is 12th for now

1:19 [Comment From Mark ]
are they still under yellow and where is Danica
1:19 [Comment From RacerX ]
1:18 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Helio Castroneves leads on Lap 2, followed by Dario Franchitti, Ryan Briscoe, Scott Dixon and Tony Kanaan.
1:17 [Comment From Mark ]
who is leading ?
1:17 Jorge A. Mondaca:  One of the prerace favorites is done for the day --- the Andretti family will have to root for their other drivers now (Danica Patrick, Tony Kanaa and Hideki Mutoh)
1:16 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

The front wing on Marco's car is damaged and he is out of the car!

1:15 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Moraes made contact with Marco Andretti and went into the wall. Not really Marco's fault though
1:14 [Comment From Castle00 ]
1:14 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Crash in Turn 1 ... It's Mario Moraes who went into the wall!
1:13 Jorge A. Mondaca:  CRASH!
1:13 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Here we go again ... GREEN FLAG!
1:12 [Comment From Castle00 ]
1:12 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Helio jumped the start a little bit ... maybe he's anxious to win this race?
1:12 Jorge A. Mondaca:  No ... sorry, they waved the start off
1:11 Jorge A. Mondaca:  GREEN FLAG!
1:10 [Comment From lpgolfsupt ]
Can't believe 42% think Patrick can win
1:10 [Comment From Paul ]
I guess crash in frist 3 laps
1:10 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Drivers were warned to be patient early - especially going into Turn 1 (http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/9555772/Indy-drivers-warned-to-be-patient-at-the-start). Who wants to bet we'll see an early crash anyway?

1:08 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Cars are on track for their parade laps ... as a reminder, Helio Castroneves is leading the field today.
1:06 [Comment From sean ]
hi all
1:06 [Comment From Paul ]
It doesn't get better than this:)
1:05 Jorge A. Mondaca:  "Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines"
1:05 Jorge A. Mondaca:  The prerace festivities are complete ...
1:04 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

"It's such a celebrated event around the world," Mario Andretti told me earlier this week. "It's arguably the greatest auto race in the world. It can change your life and your career. It's been positive for me in every possible way ... We've been there, we only have one victory among the family to show for it. It's a shame, because Michael and myself have dominated at times, but at the end something has happened. We would love for Marco to win (today)."

1:00 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Yet they continue coming back

12:59 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

A final thought before we go green today. Everybody asks me what's the big deal about the Indianapolis 500 -- the easiest way to answer that is to point at the Andretti family. Mario, Michael and now Marco have been at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for over 40 years and have all excelled at the event, yet they have only won once.

12:57 [Comment From Guest ]
Go Sarah
12:54 [Comment From Kevin]
Helio reminds me of Rick Mears in that he makes it look so easy. He does not break a sweat and if his car and team are right, he won't be beat. Personally I root for Franchitti, though. (He has the hottest wife!)
12:54 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Here come the opening ceremonies ...

12:54 [Comment From rude dog ]
go petty go john bring that # 43 home
12:53 [Comment From Kevin]
Helio (probably) or Dixon.
Who will win the Indianapolis 500?
Helio Castroneves
 ( 25% )
Scott Dixon
 ( 6% )
Danica Patrick
 ( 41% )
Tony Kanaan
 ( 8% )
Graham Rahal
 ( 1% )
Somebody else
 ( 19% )

12:51 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Shortly after 1 p.m. ET
12:51 [Comment From Guest ]
What time the the white flag drop?
12:49 Jorge A. Mondaca:  So my question for you all just minutes before the start of the race: Who ya got?
12:49 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Steve, according to our friends at The Weather Channel, there is a 30% chance of rain throughout today. Hopefully we get all 500 miles in though
12:48 [Comment From Steve ]
Jorge what is the weather report
12:45 [Comment From Ray Bullis]
I think Helio has the field covered but I hope at least one of the girls have a top five finish
12:44 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Patric - there's a very good chance. The Target Chip Ganassi machines have been very strong this month.

12:43 [Comment From Patric]
any chance of Scott Dixon repeating?
12:40 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Interesting note from the driver introductions - there were actually boos when Danica was introduced! Granted, she got a lot of cheers that outweighed the boos, but still.
12:39 Jorge A. Mondaca:  Speaking of Mario Andretti - What does it take to win the Indy 500? Find out straight from the mouth's of five different race winners: http://msn.foxsports.com/nascar/pgStory?contentId=9602164
12:37 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Great question Phil. I'll actually steal from 1969 Indy 500 winner Mario Andretti for this one ... the greatest challenge is mistakes. Trust me, every team will make mistakes today - be it the driver, the crew, mechanical, etc. Whoever minimizes those mistakes will be crowned the winner.

12:36 [Comment From Phil McCrackin]
What challenges do you fore see today?
12:35 [Comment From Ray Bullis]
hello fellow race fans
12:35 Jorge A. Mondaca:  

Speaking of Danica, make sure to read Al Tays' profile on the bad girl of the IRL: http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/9588830/Racing-needs-the-rough-and-tumble-Danica

12:33 FOXSports.com:  Hi Pat, I would like to see Danica Patrick, Graham Rahal or Marco Andretti win purely on the historical basis - but I think it'll likely be Helio Castroneves or Scott Dixon. Both drivers have just been way too good this month.
12:32 [Comment From Pat McGroin ]
who do you favor to win the race?
12:30 FOXSports.com:  Driver introductions are currently taking place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
12:30 FOXSports.com:  

Happy race day everybody - and thanks for joining us today.

12:22 FOXSports.com:  Estrada - Indianapolis 500 field is wide open: http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/9585188/Indy-500-field-most-closely-matched-in-history
12:14 FOXSports.com:  

10 Storylines to follow in today's Indy 500: http://msn.foxsports.com/nascar/pgStory?contentId=9602164

12:04 FOXSports.com:  

Coverage of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing begins at 12:30 p.m. ET. But feel free to start submitting your questions and comments now!

12:00 FOXSports.com:  Welcome to FOXSports.com's coverage of the 93rd Indianapolis 500.

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